Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A wonderful 4th filled with adventure.

With the heat searing the soles off your shoes. 
The reflections beating off black asphalt.

Oh yes the 4th offered us a exceptional adventure. Surprises around every corner.
It was quite a wonderful opportunity for the children to grow and yes even us. Now in 29 years of marriage we have had flats in the driveway, two flats on the way home from Colorado years and years ago. Sunday well what an opportunity to see answers to the prayers moment by moment.

After Morning services (that were awesome) I always tear up at song of patriotism. We went to the movies and had a mini stay-cation together. The fellow at concessions was so generous and amazing. He suggested ways to economize the order, going far beyond good service. It was really refreshing. Dove had won a cup and so we made purchase of two other cups $1 to fill each visit. This little tid bit matters to story. For the cups of ice were not tossed as would be a paper cup but kept.

Leaving the parking lot onto the road choosing homemade lunch over fast food we were homeward bound.
So we thought

The road was so washboard, really it was a noisy road. Then we realized it was not the road that was noisy...yep a flat, in the big truck no less...just then an entry into a parking lot looking up and seeing a tree shaded spot at the very edge of the lot. We limped up into the resting place we would be spending most of our 4th of July in.
A nice place for there were landscaped places for the kids to wonder and jell.

The changing of the tire commenced. We found the supplies (Thank God) under the back seat this being the first time to get them out since buying the truck last year. I grabbed the shade screen and got the little mat from the back seat. Steve commenced the tire lugs stubborn to the point of concern. Prayer...yep they busted loose. Not an easy task.
While searching the rig for anything of good use the cups of ice were put into one and found I an old unopened water and filled it over the ice so at least it would not be hot for him to drink. Using the sun screen I stood over him while try as he might the spare tire would not lower, Unable to stay with the sun to my back (holding the shade over Steve) I went to spell myself a moment in the shade of the rig. I then prayed aloud as the children watched asking God to help lower the tire, Steve was getting very tired. JUST AT THE INSTANT OF AMEN he got it!  When the moment came to remove the tire off of the rig (these are BIG tires) I was able to flag down an officer who came to help lift the tires with Steve who had suffered a mild back injury just the day before. 
The officer left and we were on our way or
so we thought...
the keys had been locked in the truck!
A comedy of errors.
So Steve and Dan began a hike to find help.
I prayed for them, no hats. Then looking up was a hawk...I knew it would all be alright. No one would stop. They simply looked on. We were near a bank drive through ATM.
I gave it effort again hand signing for a phone call...they responded pulling up little by little.
When I approached them there was a dream catcher hanging from the mirror ( a native symbol of warding off evil).
A man and three women. The first thing out my silly mouth..."oh, it figures there would be a dream catcher". Quickly I explained that I was Inuit Cherokee and had just seen a hawk before they offered the help of a call. The fellow removed his own antenna and without a word spent over 30 minutes of dedication worked through a crack in the door to hit the lock button. The mall security pulled up with daddy and son. Another later came with a little water we drank.
Then an officer came to see all was well just then the door opened when a stick Steve found gave this native fellow a better tool. We all rejoiced!

Everything we had need of was there. Each step of the way at the very moments of need another came as they were needed. The gentleman who opened the door was so determined patient and calm, he was dignified and respectful. The women also speaking nary a word only a calm kind effort of exceptional generosity of time.
It was so wonderful. 
That evening the events of the day led to a real change in our daughter. 
God does answer prayer.
Her heart is so softened.
It was a wonderful day.
(100*+ in the shade)
Coming home we all rested and took showers. We all sucked on water and ice cubes well into the evening. We were all grateful and content in an amazing adventure on the 4th of July
The evening at home and fire works on the TV


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Donetta Sweetie...
What is the old saying? When it rains it pours. Well it looks like for desert weather you had quite the down pour on you. I am so grateful you were able to overcome, found the help you needed and all made it home safely.

Hope your Summer is going well. We are trying to survive the best we can. I am still recovering from the illness with my asthma and lungs. I have been home now for 2 1/2 months totally under lockdown and 8 days in the hospital. I am so thrilled that they may release me to the outdoors again this Friday. Keep you fingers crossed. I so want to go out and play again.

Have a gorgeous week. Stay cool sweetie.

Country hugs, Sherry

Susie said...

Sounds like a great day!

Denise said...

May God always sweetly bless your family.

e-Mom said...

Hey lady! Wow, that's hot. I wish we had a little heat up here in the PNW. Today is sunny, at least...

Enjoy your summer and stay COOL. ღ

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