Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Delighting in being woman

A long time in the years of lessons. Moments of little age appropriate interjections on life and living.
It happens that My Dove has joined us powerful awesome women of courage and joy. She and I are delighting in that God so graciously answered our prayers that this celebration might wait until school was out for the summer. Just one and a half weeks ago it was. Last night with giddy joy she so excitedly became woman. An utter contrast to the terror I felt when I began the passage.

Oh how very very happy I am to see her pride and glory. She is full of joy awe and wonder. Not the common this child. She has a mother though that is not common. Beginning at age 3-5 she has been encouraged, taught (age appropriately) about the human anatomy and the wonders of life and the creation thereof. She is now HAPPY Delighted to become woman. Unashamed, unabashed, unafraid!

The attitude will be contagious if it is not a fire put under the old conceptions of inappropriate shame.
She will understand conception and the other things that she now must face in this wicked generation. She will have knowledge that will guard her is my greatest efforts to come. She will be a woman of honor and her beauty is a thing of treasure a sacred trust that she has as her own. All efforts to empower her with the best choices possible intentionally.  I do hope that in all and all she will choose wisely. This my daughter will rightly exchange the childhood days gradually as young adulthood will develop over time. This the beginning of a new exchange of old life for new.

She had to call her best friend, her Grandmother, her Aunt (my sister ) as well. We will do a celebration and she is so excited!  I will only be able to include those who will send her the message of joy. Non of this horror story dark old shame stuff. This ridiculous embarrassment so crippling to so many. The dignity of privacy and honor of self respect.    To delight however in this the beginning of a new part or passage of life.

Today it will be my efforts to somehow give her a celebration of passage. Unlike this tired old white (sorry) world and it's bemoaning of beauty in the creation called woman, it is my conviction that this my daughter will know these days as ones of honor and wonder beauty and the beginning of wisdom.
A sacred honor and trust.

It has been 1 month short of 13 years that my efforts now have successfully created a woman child with joy and pride at the delight of change. NOT the fear dread and inappropriate shame my generation and those generations before me shed over the girls . I have succeeded in the best efforts of my days. She is beautiful and life in it's wonder is not a frightening mystery unknown to her.

Teach your children well that they may live well. If they ever ask you why, just look at them and smile and tell them all the wonders. Give them all the answers or tools to gain them. It is the unknown that is so terribly frightening.  (age appropriate is the key) layer upon layer with always a thread throughout the lessons tying them together cord by cord. She now has a rope to the wonders that can give her a strong hold on knowledge when all around her peers are terrified. She has shared her understanding and knowledge with them. "your mom told you that?" they ask and then say "she is so cool, she really explained it". There was even the way that was made that I was one of three women that supported the 5th graders in the s** education class. No other parent came. Something as simple as elevating the fear by using a little liner if nervous of the day. Only using cold water to wash the spills. These little thing that crippling parental shame lets a child live terrified in a lack of understanding and knowledge.

My Daughter is become a woman unafraid! 

Traditional Russian clothing

Russian clothingTraditional Russian clothing was designed to empathize Russian woman's inner dignity and emotional restraint. Russian costumes are not only beautiful, there are also convenient in wearing because they were created for work without restricting freedom of movement. Festive clothes and everyday clothes, married woman's and young girl's clothes differed only for details, decoration, color gamut. The variety of colors for traditional costume displays love for beauty and ethnic diversity. Red fabric cloth was considered to be the nattiest one, and, by the way, the Russian word "beautiful" comes from the word "krasny", the Russian for "red". Homemade canvas and wool clothes decorated with embroidery or woven pattern have been used most often for traditional peasant costumes. Embroidery came in different ornaments (rhombuses, crosses, herring-bones, stylized patterns of people and animals) performed in naturally painted threads. Red, blue, green, white, yellow - the color gamut was rich and various.
Despite the social and territorial differences traditional Russian clothes had one thing in common, they had to be put as a cape, from the head. Soft silhouette without any cuts emphasized Russian lady's light steps. Dress and sleeves were getting wider to the lap; the fabric was decorated with symmetric pattern, or with other golden or silvery-like fabrics, furs, and embroidery.
Patterned woman's headdress "kokoshnik", fine linen "rubashka" shirts, beautiful woman's dress "sarafan" with embroidery in brocade and silk, - all these are comfortable and nice clothes worn ages ago by Russian women.
In the Northern districts of the region the means of decoration were modest and laconic in keeping with the architecture of those places. In the Southern districts the ornaments were brighter and more colourful. Every tiny detail made its contribution to the whole ensemble. A waist-belt was an indispensable part of it. Headwears were divided into women's and girls ones. They are embroidered with gold and pearls and are of great value. They were everyday clothes and holiday garments.
Russian tradtional costume manifests folk art and conveys the spirit of the past and old bright culture of Russia.


Annette said...

Beautiful clothing and thank you for the history of it, found it very interesting. I work with a Russian lady, well she works in the pharmacy and her sister is an RN and I just LOVE these ladies, they came here to US as very young girls and they have such class and beauty, I got invited to their baby showers and that was so neat, allot of Russian customs their Mother had at that parties and food as well, yummmmmy!!
and I can remember when Amanda became that a young lady, like you I talked to her before about it and when it happened, as she got older she said "Why does this hideous stuff have to happen" with sternness in her voice, tried to explain to her its the body's way of preparing it self for a future experience when she gets older, her response, " then it should only happen when I get old " I will never forget it!!!! Now, I wish it would only happen when she is older and out of the house, cause we all suffer.
You are such a awesome mom, how lucky Miss. Dove is to have you!!

With hugs always~

LisaShaw said...

I welcome your daughter to the womanhood (smile). I remember that time with both of my daughters; one is in her mid twenties; the other is soon to begin her Senior year of HS.

Thanks for sharing with us and I said a prayer for your precious Dove as she continues to flourish.

Love you.

Denise said...

Praising God for your beautiful daughter as she now joins womanhood. Celebrating with her, so thankful for her. She is truly a gift to this world. May God bless her on this new journey of her life. Please give her a huge hug from me. I love you sis.

Susie said...

What a great milestone!

Denise said...

What a mother you are...... I was never told and had to find out the hard way.. What a difference in generations and the fears they produce.. I never had a daughter but I promised myself not to do that to my boys...........

I pray that the Father God bless your daughters life and bring her into HIS perfect will for her life.

Amrita said...

It good to read about this new and exciting chapter opening in Dove 's life and you you both shared it together. God bless you

Amrita said...

It good to read about this new and exciting chapter opening in Dove 's life and you you both shared it together. God bless you

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

Hello~ I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful thing I think it is that you made this experience such a delightful one for your daughter. And thank you for sharing it. Hopefully there are a lot of mothers to daughters that will follow suit. I only had sons, but my own experience was not very positive - in fact - I had NO idea of what was going to happen and there were not even products in the house - even though I had a sister that was older than I was. So we had to walk to a nearby store and by supplies.
Also wanted to let you know that I am praying about your bloodwork. HOping everything is ok.
Lisa :o)

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