Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spiritual Sunday

Stress can cause an explosion or an implosion

As we drove up to the back country north east we listened to the sermon Steve down loaded onto cd.
The preacher spoke of stress.
How in it it is the focus
We all have stress.
Sometimes it causes explosion of anger and frustration. Other times withdrawal.
It has recently caused both for me.
The shame of a loss of focus (a stress alone) tuns face away.

He spoke of focus.
Nagging and complaining and fears all stop peace when peace is primary.

We listened to Jewel on the stereo as we drove out of town a line in the song..."please be careful with me I'm sensitive and I 'd like to stay that way" and I cried there sitting in the truck as we drove.

You know that the pastor also spoke of contentment the relief of stress in that. Fear can rob that. It is hard sometimes to hold onto our own contentment when we are making great efforts to bring contentment to others. Soon a loss of contentment causes you just want to have your own or let go of for the fight is too long and too much effort. Hopelessness sets in. Stress grips hold. Then the other straws in the bail start to poking you here and there. Financial the most annoying that is the fear of want. Poor or rich he reminded us that Stress abides simply as a part of life. For the one with the focus on Gods love and loving Him gains in lessens of maturation accrue to our gain.
The focus
Mine has been off a while now. Fatigue can cause that part of the trial I suppose. The heal that gets snapped at by that ol' viper. I wore boots today. Kept myself both physically and spiritually protected somehow a bit better long enough to consider my focus.

I have imploded with stress here on the blog. Exploded here at home far to often.
I will make great efforts to focus on peace, beauty and the examples so taught to me through the scriptures.


Annette said...

Such a great blog!! I have been under such great stress these days and yes it can just bog you down physically and emotionally and mentally. Worry...I worry so much over my Mom now, more so now! I so much LOVE you.

Gentle Hugs to all
sorry that I just liked stopped, I cry so easy these days and that just what I'm doing now.

Amrita said...

Dear sister you hit the nail on the head
. It is hard sometimes to hold onto our own contentment when we are making great efforts to bring contentment to others. Soon a loss of contentment causes you just want to have your own or let go of for the fight is too long and too much effort. Hopelessness sets in.

This is so true.

In my caregiving duties I encounter a lot of stress.2 nights ago I exploded and imploded and could not sleep untill I found peace thru God 's Word.

I feel so weak and helpless at times.

WQherer can I get to listen to this message? Can I download it for free? Please tell me.

Big hugs to you.

Denise said...

Girl....... this is so touching and so open and honest... Seasons of our lives are so trying and sometimes it will overwhelm us. We each travel different roads but all headed to the same place. Learning about our self is most likely the most difficult task and then confessing the shortcomings that we find does not happen in many lives... it is when we look inside and find weakness that HE becomes so strong in our lives. Growing in Christ is sometimes so painful but the benefits are insurmountable! When we are weak, HE becomes strong.......

There is too much asked of us in this day that we live and we become burdened down.... I have been so down this past few months and had to leave the blog for a season......

Finding our safe place is so important and after finding then we need to spend time there.......

I pray that the Father God touch your life and give you inner strength and peace for this journey ....... and just a little glimpse of the home that HE has prepared just for you!!!!

Charlotte said...

Stress is one of the biggest problems in our hurry up society I believe. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on it and welcome back to Spiritual Sundays. It's been awhile since you've joined us.

Whidbey Woman said...

This is a great post. Everyone is either stressed out now, has been or will be. There are many challenges in life these days. Good reminder that peace comes in knowing, turning to and trusting in God. Have a great week!

Denise said...

Such a wonderful post,.

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