Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Parenting a special needs kid with social cognitive disorder

I posted this then deleated it the other day.
Hope is returned and the rest has refreshed.
She is amazing and she will be who God created her to be.

We would appreciate your prayers. The needs of our special needs daughter have become heavy to bear and we are doing our best to meet them. Yes we trust and yes HE carries them. We however are walking through them.
My efforts , mind and energies are doing all within our power to help her and to come to terms with what we are facing.
This is hard stuff.
So many many medical appointments. So much intervention and now there is a 12-15 week self child/parent study to process a method to train her to be able to overcome the anxiety that is crippling her and the whole family for that matter. Although this well could have a compoient of spiritual warfare as it were, this is a major issue regarding her future and how we can meet her where she is at and empower her as best we can to live a secure life.
This is real hard.
You who are raising special needs children must well, understand this passage of parenting.
Acceptance through grief.
Yes it is easily to blow off and say things like, "Oh it is not really such a big deal". Oh ya...anyone who walks this road would differ with that. We continue to do all that is within us to help her, to help the family have some normalcy.
I am exhausted, discouraged, sad, frustrated with error after error when it comes to parenting a kid who apparently can not comprehend. Oh I am so sad if this be really true. This boat on the de-nile is so attractive. We are de-boarding and getting our land legs in a big hurry. We have only one year before Jr. high. Our daughter must come along way if she is to be able to function safely in such a setting. We have so very much required of us. So few who can really empathize. It is a very lonely road.

post delete post delete

the gift of loneliness is reaching out


Annette said...

Man, this made me cry...brought back so many memories that I thought I had buried but yet I get angry, not at you at all, the system that suppose to have our children's best interest, I will pray, I've been on the road your traveling and you are so right about it being stressful on the whole family, and there will be times my sweet friend that the devil will try your patients and hers as well, I so many time wanted to throw in the towel on my son and that would make me get on my knees and pray that much more and I would literally visualize myself carrying my baby to God and laying him down at the lords feet and giving everything to him, sometimes I would even doubt prayer and I can honestly say, I am so happy that my love for God and my child is what got me through, besides some GREAT specialist, but the 2 best specialist of all was God and myself, LOVE for your children and God will get your through this, just stay firm and plant your feet, fertilize with lots, and lots and lots of love and watch your little flower bloom!! I will pray for all of you...

HUGS & LOVES to all~

Denise said...

Bless your heart and I like Annette am so sorrowful ....God has given you great wisdom and great love for those precious children. He has paved the way before you and if HE did not think you could handle this HE would have not asked you...BUT sometimes the load gets so heavy that we buckle....... That is when your sisters in Christ come along side and hold your hands up as they did for Moses...... I will pray. You hold tight to you faith HE will not fail you........ HE will not!

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
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