Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday


The simple reverent act of breathing.
Belly full of comfort food given from a very kind and outgoing hand.
No hunger, no thirst. 
Then there she blows another 5 second fit of coughing.
Another breathing treatment. All that is needed is provided as vial after vial of albuteral gifts me a few hour of breathing.
An 8 am dentist appointment went quickly
A visit to the principle to gain understanding as to what happened with my Dove yesterday to only find out that this group of girls were all sharing and Dove comforting another child told her of being adopted from Russia.
The other children questioned her and disbelieved her. Calling her all the hurtful names. Because you know she does not sound Russian and she does not Look like one either...oy!...Running away from them into my presence hurt and angry. The other girls all shared the same story yesterday and then he and I called Dove in. Indeed she confirmed the incident. We spent some time empowering her to handle things with choice. Funny thing adults ask those stupid questions too.
They all forgave each other and the issue will be addressed in a meeting tomorrow.

Confusion cleared stories told and peace to be made. 
Grateful indeed.

10:15 high tail it up to Scottsdale 20+ miles away and made my appointment. We did not continue the EDMR for I am just to ill. We spoke of my sisters death. Of being a seer and the odd peace and how alright I was . How I got to say goodbye. I cried some too. Good stuff for the layers pealing away revel how much I miss her.
Drove home at noon and was terribly exhausted. I rested an hour and a half then had to go get Dove.

1:50 after a 15 minute pass out nap :) drew to attention and and urgency I was off. Dove to the Phyc. for a med check. Yes 20+ miles back to Scottsdale. She was thrilled to hear that the 504 was accomplished and gave me a high five. Dove has been placed on a second med to calm her at bed time.
I have an appointment for her on Monday with a pediatric PH.D. sleep specialist. 
Thank God for all things to care for my child

3 p.m. Steve came home early to meet Dash at the bus stop. I was yet up north. We pulled in and got water and I went right into my room and laid down and fell into a mass. Steve came in and gave me water. I slept a while. Too many things on a day when I was too sick to do it all. Unable to walk away from any of them I was made able.
I was made able

I will be pulling vack a bit to care for me. My blog is sorta crashing for want of fodder and focus.
A season for all things.

I am told to add no more to my days but to tend to wife, mother and homemaker for a season.
I will still do the Art Master presentations every other week.
I am tending to becoming level on my medications.
Keeping stress low for the next 6 weeks will be a must to see if the medication is at a level dose.

All I have need of even learning to pace myself a bit better.

I am so sorry that I have neglected you dear ones. 
Your comments are a gift to me. 
I am simply worn out.
This respiratory thing is really kicking me while I am a bit down.

Yet I am at peace.
On the phone with Steve is a parent to address an issue with our sons.
I am not involved in it and handed the phone over.
taking care of me.
Well it is worse than we though with the boys here evidently.


Susie said...

We take breathing for granted but are well aware it is a gift when there is a challenge.

Denise said...

Lifting you up in prayers and loving you sis.

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Please pray for her parents and family
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