Friday, December 31, 2010

the last few days and my little artists

Tip here take pictures of any wiring before you undo it.
Life is made much easier when it is time to hook it all up again.

hold your breath when you dust too!

Pray for that little darling in the middle. She and her family really need it. The kids were sharing media in the back seat on the way across town.
 We took the old oak entertainment center over to my sister much to her glee.

Did you know that empty dishwashers make the best drain boards for large items?
 Holiday is coming to a close soon and the laundry is a mass. We did not want me to work over the  vacation so now it is time to make the needed laundry soap.
 We had temperatures in the mid 20's last night. This is a batch of grain and old pasta cooked up for the chickens.
 Thinned out the baby kale and harvested some broccoli and radish for salad.
 The room is so large here without the oak center. We have had that for so many years. Strange to have it out of here. It is so large and even louder in the room. The book shelf is loaded with all the media. That center held a lot of things in it. A home is now needed to place all the books off the shelf unit.
 This is the living room at this point. The tree came down yesterday. In spite of a 4 hour drive in the rain the HDTV got home dry. He got stuck in a 3 mile back up on the freeway due to an accident. Gratefully he was not in it. We were able to have a friend come and help get it out of the truck. The truck was backed up half way into the garage. That cart set near the tailgate and the men set it over onto it. The cart is a type of industrial strength shelf on wheels. Not too pretty but if you know me I'll figure out away to get it to flow. The area behind the TV will get metals and pastels for decor.
 See the difference in the size. The picture is just so pretty! For the first time in for ever I sat and watched a bit of TV last night. Felt sort of strange to just sit and watch. The WII was amazing on it. So clear. Some of the DVD's we have will show in high definition. If we ever are able to get a blue ray player it will work on this TV.
 My kids have found identity as artist. Now this is so cool to us. We are not sports folk, nor as many with interest as the masses. However we are both artist in our own right. Now we see the kids interested. It felt like we have this to offer them and they are both calling themselves artist now. Dove draws, Dash is a sketcher :)

shout out to all of you. Sorry my visits are brief and few. The family is yet on holiday. A 'stay-cation'. The kids are back to school on Monday and the Daddy Man, my beloved darling, he gets Monday off. We will have one day alone before he returns to work. Me...well my work is well over my head. No appointments so far next week.
The washer and dryer will know me well by weeks end. Ha!

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
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