Monday, April 13, 2009

A full memory card...

Well....I have a full memory card.
Have you ever felt that way.
The things you recall...

Perhaps better said my camera has a full memory card.
Not that the image is worth much, It is of Dash in his true to name way.
Dashing across a living room looking for Easter eggs.
A muddy yard prevented us the outdoor hunt at the Grand Parents.
I think next year I will find a real Easter egg hunt in a park or an event of some kind for them to go to.
They have never really known the joy of that.

Speaking of my MILove...
She made a very nice, thoughtful Easter meal for all of us.
A nice turkey breast and sliced veggies, baked beans that the kids devoured!
She makes a good baked bean!
Oh her peach pie! It was so good.
S. I will just have to go get some of those peaches.
Thank you for the nice Easter Meal!
Thank you also for the chocolate and stuffed bunnies for the kids.

Being I was a bit unprepared due to time and energy constraints I presented a lousy dish of creamed corn with fried onions on it.
It dove down the disposal at meals end.
I suppose it was all but an insult to the meal.
I had little warning of the meal and was not sure if or what to bring.
I saw the most lovely flowers, but thought better of it.
For some, it is just not something enjoyed.

The kids had a nice ride home in the Chevy.
It is a stunning thing to be in it.

I had the most amazing thing happen when we returned.
I went to check on the hens and one was crowding the nesting box with another. Assuming that the eggs had been laid by late day I reached under. Found one egg under Prissy and then as I reached under Tarin she was in the process of laying and I froze....I was perfectly still and calm.
She laid that egg right in my hand!!!!!!!!!!!!

She was safe with me. I was stunned and found it hard to speak of until a quiet moment.
It was too holy to tell under distracted conversations. When I told my Lovin' Man he was startled I had not told him yet.
He understood though why I had not when I explained it.

In the midnight hours my hand held an old hymnal.
worship in silence...i sang those songs of old.
Remembering the LOVE HE has for me.
I cried and took in all the spender of the silent hour.
Silent alone with my Abba Papa God.
He who knew me before the foundations of time.
He who formed me.
I am in the calm of that even now in the evening of the next day.

Well it is eventide and the evening meal awaits me.
Slow Dancing on the inside.


Denise said...

So glad your family enjoyed Easter, I love you.

Denise said...

I just have to say that you have a gift of saying simple words that move the heart.. Ever time I come here and sit and read, I ALWAYS read it twice.. You move my heart with the way you speak........ You have a gift...... Put some of your thoughts to paper and put them in a folder......... It is something that God has given you...... It will increase...... it will move many hearts.....

Annette said...

your Easter sounded very lovely, and as for that cream corn dish, that sounds divine, and I'm sure it was good and its the thought and I'm sure she enjoyed it. sounds like your getting excited about your fun...but what I'm I going to do,not to stop and visit with you through out the day? I guess I'll have to be patient and wait for my friend to come home...sometimes when I'm laying in bed, I get to missing my "Abba Papa" and I'll chit chat with him, it's such a spiritual thing to have alone time with him, we need that from time to time. When vacation?
Hugs to you~

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Please pray for her parents and family
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