Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

Good Evening all.
I am tackled !
So now I can tackle this post.
Yesterday Dash and I went to the neighbor behind us and gifted her with cookies and a card Dash had made (too cute).
Although we had been given permission last year to pick the branch (of the orange tree) in our yard,
we asked permission again for good measure.

I was able to glean a half bushel of juicing oranges.
One thing here in Arizona is that much fruit rots on the tree
for lack of folk harvesting it.
I soaked them in the tub overnight.
Dash helped load them back into the basket today.

After doing January and February zero balance budgets
we were set to do a household inventory.

Growing up I used to do inventory in my Parents Gas station every year.
Starting at around 9 years of age.
Inventory is a great way to know what you have.
Clear out any thing out dated.
Get set for the next several months to have menu knowledge.
Listed is expiration date/ how many/ size of container and what it is.
Today the pantry , kitchen freezer and refrigerator was accomplished.
No easy task.
It is finished though!
Just need to do the rest of the house,
the outside freezer,
both bathrooms (paper goods,cosmetic and personal care items).
There also is the outside garage storage, and the garage side by side.
This is a lean time of year for us.
Our stock goods are our private savings... as it were.

This is the condiment wall and the rice, grains and paper goods.
Some mixes found cheep as well as yeast and such.
Baking goods.
Everything is stored in date order.
Like kinds of things together.
The inventory will also spur ideas of what to make.
Items with expiration dates upcoming get to the head of the menu ideas.

During the year I will stock pile items that we use commonly.
Checking that the dates are extended.
That is hard winter wheat for baking in the barrel.
Dog treats in the cookie crock.
Thickeners, spices and the like are kept together.

Cereals, crackers low for the kids, soy milk on the floor so if it gets dropped , it will...it has less to fall. Large stocks of rice, sugars and such down low (it is far easier to lift up then to hurt your shoulders lifted it down if it is heavy.

Teas, and all surplus herbs and spices here. All sweeteners together.
The inventory included the refer where every date is noted and listed.
All outdated bottles and such gone.

Then at 4 p.m. I thought I better get dressed for the girl was still in her jammies :)
After suppers of pasta for the kids and left overs for us,
the cake was next.
As the cake was in the red mixer, the frosting in the white mixer the baked bread heals were in the food processor to make bread crumbs for a recipe. I set to get all the items out to make pies.

Once the pies were in the oven and the cake cooled
icing was piped along the edges and then real cherry jam (not sweetened) was spread in the center, the icing holds it in.

The top was then placed on the icing piped and it is now in the refer iceing the icing so that it holds a good shape.
It is homemade butter cream.

Now all the while My Mr. was doing the dishes and keeping up with me very well.

This is Beloved's Christmas gift from me.
This is a deep dish "light Cherry pie". Comstock makes a light cherry it has very little food coloring or sugars in it, tart and yummy.

I love my Man!

After cutting the cake level the trim is a snack for the children. We had extra batter for cup cakes these will be frozen for another date (they must be used though in 30 days).
Using some soy milk and soft real butter I whipped up some butter tree molds for the Christmas supper table. These are antique molds that once belonged to Doves name sake . She has long ago gone home. She will always be in my heart and at the right hand of the thrown of God praying for me both day and night (what a cool job).

With the mess of pie baking I made a gift for me. I love pecan pie and we can have these for our Christmas eve desert. It just came out of the oven. You might just be able to see it boiling.

So tomorrow ...another day.
Fresh orange juice.
To be juiced tomorrow.
Day is done and so is my post.


Miranda said...

You're a busy gal! What a sweet neighbor letting you pick the oranges. :) I just love your cross cake, all of your baking looks delicious.

La Tea Dah said...

Your pantry is beautiful and very healthy! Yeah!!!

I love Arizona Sweets --- my fav. And I enjoy making orange juice from them as well. We bring them home from the ranch when we visit relatives. But why do you soak them in the tub? It's an interesting idea and I'm sure very useful, but I can't figure it out. Is it for more than washing them?

Merry Christmas!


Denise said...

Such a beautiful job.


The food is lovely,
Merry Christmas to you

Amrita said...

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