Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

1. dishes

I started my Thursday the 13th with the dishes. Once the children were off, I hurried into the kitchen and got a good start. By 9 a.m. it was time of use savings on the electricity and I began the dishwasher and clothes dryer.

I had to stop here to rest a bit.

2. Labeling price tags
I was able to to a assembly line pricing. I set up several cards with denominations per sheet. The earrings are finished and separated into category. Glass with glass and semi-precious stones together.
3. Going to Costco
for the big shop for the social, got home and unloaded half way ( the cold stuff)
When 10 am hit it was time for the store to open. I went there and after one and a half hours shopping, I was just finished at the register as Trisha called form her doctors office where I was to meet her. I hurried home and unloaded the cold stuffs and put it away, and took off.
4.Meeting Trisha halfway
I left with the table like this to return with what I needed to make the table look...

like this...
That was so kind of you Trisha, Thank you. They prepared the trees (dusted them) and let me use them for the show. This is the Christmas table display.

5. I was able to stop by my hair dresser
I was able to walk into the door, she was available at that moment. I got to get my hair washed and cut and out the door in 15 minutes! No one here even noticed (Kids gave the daddy man a hard evening. He was just over tired)

6. Dropped into the party store and got some balloons
and saw a nice plastic tub for the ice and waters for $.5 well it was in the wrong place it was really $ 9.99...The girl said I can still give it to you because a coupon that was good for $5.with a minimum amount (that I met) qualified me! COOL HA! Oh she gave me two extra balloons, she had made the latex ones neglecting to tell me of the Mylar. I choose Mylar and she extended an unexpected gift to the kids of the two anti pop filled latex ones.

7. Drove on home
to see the mail carrier and give her an invite.
Unloaded the Costco non-perishables and the trees and set up the trees .
Did more labeling of price tags.
8. It is now 1:30 Ye Ha!
The it became 3:15 With the kids home and a nice snack for them .Dash went right to the chores board.
The play date got here at 4:30, expecting the Mother, 9 yr old and a 1 month old when I opened the door was a 14 year old big sister dropping off the 9 year old! The mother has never even met me! The kid stayed till 5:30. Dove will probobly never see her again fot tomorrow she is moving to a new school. The girl played well with my kids. Then my kids hit the homework.
9. Framing the botanicals

I found some frames of things from our former decor.
These I found .25 dents a print some 20 years ago. I fell in love with them then and now again I am just thrill to frame them. Job not done today but perhaps tomorrow.
They are for the guest bathroom they go so well with the curtins and the wall boarder.

10. The kids are now cooperating with a new program I instigated.
Each week they start out with $5. possible to maintain.
Each time they do not do a chore listed or asked of them I remind them once. Itf not done the loose a quarter .

Dash is pretty good and even eager to see what I have written. It is fun to leave little love notes.

His room after 4 days!

That's a seven year old boys closet!
Ye Ha!

11. Dove is easily distracted

she is focused by recourse. Unfortunately she has had a bit more penalty. Yesterday I was told she had done something ,however she had not. I docked her .25 for a lie. Later I recanted and told her truth is just something you should do. You should not be paid for it. It was between us. Please do not lie to me again. I gave her half of the docked 50 cents back.

She really is making good effort. Problem is under the bed she stuffed things/ Each day I will asign a box to sort out.

She sill get docked for not doing her Viola practice. That is a part of what is required of the homework.
12. Never got to the floor...
so tomorrow I will mop.

13. The lanyards...
were my afternoon project,

I had all of them strung, yet needed to finish the findings off.

I had a few ones that have been around. Now...

I have several finished.
Labeling them and pricing can be done tomorrow.


Denise said...

Sorry I missed your call sweetie, I was sleeping. I love you.

Amrita said...

Love your ballons.

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