Friday, August 3, 2012

A time for all things

Two children sing in the background and at last I type a little. My daughter and her girl friend are singing. Imagine two voices sweet. A smile for you and me too. Daddy Man sits in the same room with headphones on. My tender heart son is watching TV.
It has been a summer of rest. This year called me into low gear and a tortoise shell grew over me. Tonight my head peeks out, my voice will exit the keys as stretching out of this quiet place begins. It feels like so much effort to just post.

 Daddy Man was honored on his day. We have the best dad, our family is held together in his love.
 Tender moments suffering humor what a grimace. Note to dad teenage girls do not want dad kisses.

 Dove turned 15 this summer. We had time with the Elders, she so enjoyed being with them. Teaching her grandma how to use an Itouch.
 This was perfect for her. She has been on a kick over owls. Her and one other girl went to the mall escorted my me. We shopped and this generous child of ours gave some of her clothing money to her friend. Dove wanted to make sure her friend had new outfits for school too. I could not fault her on it. She really wanted to do that as her birthday. This child has a great soul.
 We have had a few Haboos, major dust storms. The kids ran to put garden rags under the garage door. I did the same with all the exit doors. That is a wall of dust.
 Life in the desert can have some exciting moments.
Today after sleeping until 11a.m., cooking was done for the weekend. Spaghetti, frijoli beans, turmeric rice, pasta salad and taco meat. We had a fish fry of cod for evening meal. I made a chicken enchilada tray to bake tomorrow. Saturday is low peak pricing on electricity.All the eggs were time checked by placing in a water bath, any that float are tossed out. The jar of eggs cracked are for morning meal. We have an extra child today and tomorrow. Actually there will be a fourth one on the morning.

School starts next week here. Our son will do online 6th grade and our daughter will return to public for 8th grade. My life will hum with business and life will flow.

Last week an MRI with contrast (injected right into my joint) was done on my left shoulder. It is beyond the pain syndrome. It may have a tear in joint or tendon. Yep, surgery may follow. I try to keep my eyes up and feel the warmth of Gods love and my face tiers. Nightly muscle relaxer helps. Yoga stretching is very helpful. This week I was only able to go one time. Next week I hope to be able to do more. In two weeks knee injections will begin again. It can be an obstacle to climb over so much physical pain. I will carry on.
Maybe I'll stretch my neck out again soon.

You all be blessed knowing that God is for you and not against you.

Today had many sweet moments.

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Anonymous said...

Good getting an update of how things are going inAZ. Love the photos. Give my love to your MIL.

Wishing Dove and Dash a great school year ahead

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Please pray for her parents and family
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