Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer morning

Dash has a room for teenage years to come. The dark blue sheets and new blue blanket ($5 at Wally's) All of his toys are sorted into the bins on the shelves. Steve and I found a full 8" mattress and put it on the top of the car to drive it home. What an adventure.
We have an extra kid today. Dash still has one of the old twin mattresses (to the right) and we were able to fit it on the floor. Good for sleep overs. The air mattress did not work for the kid was a bit to heavy for it. Makes me consider keeping it for sleep overs.

The last of early childhood. Little coat hangers were all removed from Dash's closet. Bitter sweet passage in life. HE even decided he had enough sorting and just gave away some lego toys and such.

 At last my car is back in the garage. We had the contents of my boys room out here. We found a family in need of the beds and the toys are all sorted now. We invested $160 and had limo tinting put on the back of the Saturn. The front windows are lighter for legal reasons. This car is so much cooler now. The AC cools it fast. Now that it will again be garaged for the summer the quality of auto transport will be greatly improved. Our cars here can get deadly hot inside when parked in the sun. They get heat soaked and take a very long while to cool down. When in a garage and limo tinted summer trips will be much more pleasant. So the 1996 Saturn looks like a cool car now, not a granny car any longer.

We have not taken many images this year. Perhaps it is the camera lack luster. The replacement is just not a clear image taker.
 We have two bunnies. Steve walked out to see this little fellow. I had watered the apple tree. It must of been cool to lay there. We did a rigged up cop  and enclosure a real joke of sorts the critters all get out.

Poor mans style. WE will someday have a better fence I trust.

 That is my bunny, Sable. She is so sweet. Fast little thing.

 With our temps in the triple digits the windows are closed to help keep the house cooler. We shut down at 1p.m. for the electrics go up almost double.

With the pain syndrome an issue my study into aromatherapy has taken more of an effort. Some used to help with stress, sleep and even pain. Through air and massage I hope to help myself and my family through the study.

God is my healer and has provided everything i need. Therapy is including some Eastern methods of acupuncture and dry needling to stop the muscles from referring. The PTSD from my youth has left lasting issues. It may be an influence to the pain.
 This is also an interest of mine. Stones do have properties that change or influence. God created the world and has an infinite love toward us and all that he created. It is easy for some folks to blow this off but the more I bead and handle these stones it has really convinced me. The Indians and ancients understood this.
 Sporting a summer pedicure

My day began

Mom Muffins with egg, sausage and cheese. No Mayo for this one No egg for another. Apple juice, grape juice for me please. We have a mid day switch over for me to go to therapy and the kids to friends houses.

Speaking of friends, a good idea for summer is to have a list of phone numbers of friends for the kids to call. Then they can just independently reach out. Something I have not been very good about lately.

 My infusion came this morning for tomorrow. It is getting so hot and I told the lady ice it good. The ice was almost thawed out. I got the phone number of the delivery diver, she changed the timing of delivery. It was always at 8 a.m. but she is new and has to do the paperwork and office duties so now I know if not by 9:30 to call her. Peace of mind knowing that it is ready and safe from the heat will give peace.

Life is good. Tomato plants are thriving.
The heat is hard on them and the watering being a bit irregular has caused them to split.
 The old umbrellas help.
That is all there is in the garden. Perhaps next year it can flourish. Steve may want it dismantled because keeping up with it on my own is just too hard now my strength is limited. HE really hates yard work. I just need to be rich and hire a gardener assistant to do the physical work I once did. :)


Andy said...

I like ^^ so Sweet

Amrita said...

hi Donetta, nice to read up your activities.

I love your bunnies. Fancy some myself, but they breed too fast how will you control that /

Aroma therapy is available here too but its very costly.

Your tomatoes are doing very well.

Here the temp is 115 plus. AAnyone who can afford has air conditioning, bu t I can 't. I thank god for my swamp cooler.

good to see your kids growing up so well

Sasha said...

Acupuncture is amazing. I know it has saved my life. Last week I went into this shop seeking protection from negative energies and I was referred to crystals. I bought two which could be hooked onto a necklace- one for my husband and one for myself. I was excited because she told me that crystals also help with health problems. I was thinking I could use it with the RA and the Fibro.

Whether it be coincidence or whatnot, my husband's spasms have decreased, which is always welcome, but more oddly... I was set to have a conversation with CDQ during her therapy session that day and instead received a call from the therapist who had just sent CDQ away for threatening physical violence against her because CDQ had been saying some very unbelievable allegations against me and the therapist had questioned her reasons. This child is so lost and confused still, which makes me sad but I was spared her negativity which I am grateful for. Her behavior still triggers my PTSD which then sends me into flares.

I feel like I can breathe a little easier. Whether other people believe in it or not I do believe God has given us all we need in nature to help sustain and care for ourselves. We just need to learn how to use it and get over our want of instant gratification.

Isn't it both exciting and sad to see our children grow up so quickly?

A Project for Teen Mums said...

What an amazing blog!
Vist our new blog
Don't be afraid to comment and share!
Love you <3

David Edward said...

I would garden for you and be massage therapist as well, Lord willing.
Much to do here in the mountains so I have not blogged much.

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