Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Watching the signs of the changing times

A moment WOW! Few of them these days.

Over the last few months my efforts are split between home school and the economy.
We have been on a long term financial goal. This spring we have entered into the next phase of it with successful results. Maybe this just might inspire others to watch out and get out of the way of the changes coming to our nation.

We sold the camper this spring and were able to enter into phase one. Getting rid of property that is a liability. It is a liability in that the time will come when you will not be able to sell. No one will be able to buy much cash will be strapped so tight. For us we owned it free and clear but the cost of travel and the efforts of doing camp trips had become an issue. With our forest being fuel for fire season the thought of the selling was at issue. With decidedly open palms I let go of my cabin on wheels. I spent the day detailing it and even putting new elastic in the valences to make it look prettier than it ever had.

It was a choice with benefits. 
We met the  most wonderful little family who now have the camper and will use it well. 

We used the funds to purchase a little Saturn car. It gets 23 miles per gallon.

Here it is...
a 1996! Yes 1996!
We woke up at 4a.m. and drove 50 miles away to a retirement community to get it. We had been searching for a Honda Accord or a Civic. The Honda cars on Creigs list were being flipped, purchased on day and resold the next. Over and over we were there to buy a car and it was sold out from under us.
We knew somewhere inside that it was for our good, but it was very frustrating.
Then we saw the add for this one. The owner had just passed away and the heir was in town to sell and close out the estate. We met him just before sunrise.

 This car had been garaged, use very little. Reported to be a good investment in all the research I had done. It was said to be right up there with the Honda Accord except not as lush inside.
 Our Accord is a nicer car for long trips. The Saturn is more of a basic car. So easy to park compared to the Pick up truck.
 Now look at this! 50,000! original miles, remember it is a 1996! It cost $35. to register for 2 years. The insurance is less than half of the truck. No longer is the trailer costing us the $50 a year to insure and $40 a year to register. We got the Saturn for $3600. The left over change from the camper registered it, insured it for a year and took us all out to dinner. It also purchased me some much needed new clothing.
 Next up on the list.
The Silverado was sold to a wonderful young man who with the help of his father earned and purchased his first vehicle. It was a wonderful experience. The mom knowing that her son was wrapped in a tank of a truck felt so happy to see him get it.
The truck had grown hard for me to drive for the rotators cuff issues and my wrist. It is a relief not to have to fill that tank anymore. Thus $$$ big savings in fuel. Big savings in INSURANCE, REGISTRATION cost as well. No more vehicles in the driveway either. The Saturn is now garaged, cool for us to get into.

With the proceeds of the truck we replaced our 25 year old refrigerator with this high end, best rated by consumer reports unit. I love it! It is so much easier for me to use. No more pain in my back from having to bend at the hip (remember the total knee replacement).
It has 2 ice makers, a special Loyalls exclusive.
We have never had an ice maker before what a wonderful new tool!
The other old one from the garage was picked up and we were sent a $30 check in the mail. My other kitchen one replaced the side by side in the garage.
We moved the shelving and freezer down. Now the garage is next up. With the camper out of it we will be fixing it up for a shop for Steve and a place for a future men's group perhaps. The only down side is the loss of a truck. We decided we could always rent one or even borrow if need be. It is the first time in our married life we do not have a four wheel drive truck. We will be fixing up the other side of the garage, continuing to sell or give away excess possessions. The little Saturn fits nicely.

Letting go we were able:
  • to cut our auto insurance in half
  • cut our auto registration by 2/3
  • save and set aside one months income
  • reduce our fuel budget by over $100 a month
  • replace our old refrigerator for a low energy use unit that is 5 cubic feet larger than the old one
  • open up our space for a useable work shop
  • gain peace in the goal one step closer to it
  • a garaged vehicle come 100*+ summer
  • easier to drive car
  • two ice makers! :) We use a lot of ice here. Every day we would fill the trays. It was the topic of much annoyance for the Daddy man.

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