Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ice hits Mesa Arizona!

Breaking News!
This Morning we hit the streets early only to find this!
Mercy! :)
(you know it is the BIG story in town)

It is cold for Arizona however. Dove had choir rehearsal and had to be at the school at 7:15 a.m.
Say 'too cold!'
I actually have my Russia clothing on. Well I had to peal some of it off now that I am back home and Dash has caught the bus. I think it was 22-28* out there. For here that is VERY cold.
I use pun in all of this with all of you dear Easterners in the freeze. Goodness it is chilly. 
Yesterday all the wild bird feeders were filled. I was thinking of making them a peanut butter ball.  We have the migratory birds here now. They are stunned I'm sure.
With blankets over the coop the chickens have a light under the perch floor to warm them. It looks like most of the garden survived.
 The Garden and flowers were also blanketed. Looks like almost everything survived.
 The seed broccoli (for seed harvest) on the right took a hit.
 The wind blew the cover off of this but it seems to like the cold.
 Liking the cold is the sweet asylum. 
The self seeded tomato is surviving for the most part.
Everything in front is doing well. 
I am stunned that the poppy is alright.

This has been a wonderful week so far.
Dash was home 'sick' (me thinks I was played) on Tuesday. Even so kids are kids and remembering what it was like when we were kids helped me not to take it personally. Steve was a real support in this the one day that my Sister and I were to get together to sew.It had to be postponed. I think that it may have had to do with the security stuff. Mom was not going to be at the house. Not sure about that but I have a hunch. That or it may have been that Monday he needed to use his inhaler at school. With Steve being ill over the weekend I did not want to chance it.

Yesterday however the stuffed animals went to school...this to help the transition me thinks. It is so wonderful to see them 'self help'.
Note they placed them right by my chair.
They even have their AR books (to take their test), and back packs.
That was complete with baby talk.
Then everything was alright and school was an accepted part of the morning. His whining stopped after this. So amazing even after all these years that security is such a wound for Dash.
 My sewing room is all packed up to go to my Sisters tomorrow. We are drafting a pants pattern for a seminar she is giving in a couple of weeks. I will be assisting her as her 'dummy' HA! She is going to aid me in a dress that I am working on.
The neighbor left more fruit. Citrus will last two weeks chilled. The garage will do it. Cold out there like the refrigerator.

 A few of the little touches that have given me the pleasures of a home better decorated.

'Mom can you make my hair brown for ever?'
How sweet and simple the world is to my darlin' daughter. She was very bummed to find out that it was temporary. Oh in case you don't know we died her hair brown just like mine. It was very important to her heart. I believe it is about a since of belonging. It was a long standing decision and then god dealt with me until I bent into what his design was for the event. She wants to look like 'mom'.



Sending you warmth from Bay Area California...

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Hi Donetta,

I wanted to let you know that I am currently organinzing a Bloggers Tea for March 26th.
All the details are on my current blog post.
You are welcome to grab the button and spread the word.

I hope that you can make it. It should be a fun day.

Denise said...

love you so much sis.

Char said...

Hey Donetta, can you believe this whacky weather?? It's so cold outside but it makes for some great sleeping. Queen Creek hasn't have any ice that I have seen, be careful not to slip and fall. Ice is something we are not used to having to watch out for. I have no idea how many plants we may lose, too soon to tell.......Char

Susie said...

That's crazy!

Brown Shoe said...

How precious about the brown hair! Freezing in Arizona...sending condolences from the frosty south! :)

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