Monday, November 7, 2011

 Love has a way of pulling the corners into a smile.

Life with the passage of my fifth decade has called into thought the years yet to come. Questions asked has left me seeing that a new direction is at hand. The wonderful studio has been kept a sewing center for many years. Sewing is a skill and a talent practiced most of my adult life. With a Professional Seamstress for a sister, and a Mother in Love I have been greatly encouraged to pursue this art. An art, that is not for me, a passion. Rarely in my life has sewing really thrilled me like those things that set a fire. It has been warm never burning. So with great stillness my heart searched has reveled to me that it is a side hobbie and an industrial skill to help my family. Listening is a real act of love toward my heart.

Clutter is so stifling. Our garage has accumulated a large collection of unused items. In the passages of time all manner of once treasured things have now become a weight. We are going to continue to weed through things to lighten our load. The fabric in the bins is mostly from when my sister shut down her home to move out East. Her loss will get returned to her. That will open up those bins to store my own fabrics.

We moved the bike and now Dash has that window for his computer. Tucked in a nice snug space with windows to brighten his days. More images to come. This act of kindness really gave me wings to clear out stuff. My husband and I are so in love. His kindness overwhelms me. We had a chance to have a date yesterday. He insisted on getting me a new pillow. Mine disappeared, we think that one of the children took it to hold onto my scent. The woman at the store mentioned it. We remembered that years ago the kids needed a shirt or fabric I rubbed on myself to console them. It was the way we kept them calm. We are pretty sure that is what happened to it. The age that they are makes them embarrassed to admit it. That's alright, I now how that feels and how good it feels not being exposed.Very good trick for dogs too if your going away for a few days trip. We found good pillows finally at Dillards. Steve insisted on a GOOD down pillow. After last night the gratitude in seeing why he would not skimp on it wells within me. It actually silenced the cpap machine. The other pillow amplified it through the poly fiber.

Dash is doing much better, yesterday he was stressed over math. He felt bad about crying. Gently reminding him that he was tired and had had a full weekend helped. He is now giving word to feelings, much better.
It is so wonderful that the bike was not sold. It is used daily more than once.
It is raining here this early morning. Seven a.m., Steve's alarm went off and woke me. Felt good to get up even though little sleep met me last night.  It is a good day to be loved, to smile and dance. This morning will find me fetching a new leg brace for the left leg. I am so happy not to have to do the other total knee this year. I'll post more images as the studio progresses. It is slower going these days. That is one reason I really want to consider what it is I want to do with my days .


Amrita said...

Yes its a good day to be loved

David Edward Linus said...

Hello again

Denise said...

Finding your way..... one of the hardest things a person has to do. I find myself still looking inside to find that answer...... So I so understand where you find yourself. I have spent the last year and half trying to figure that out.. I think that I am about there but yet to find the enthusiasm to do it.. There are always challenges ahead of us......... I pray that you are growing in strength and that the Father God will give you a clear visions lies within your heart that needs to be seen.

Denise said...

Praying for you, and your precious family. I love you.

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Please pray for her parents and family
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