Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Putting your head down and pushing through

In all lives there come seasons that seem they will never end. Those months or years of hanging in there. For some it might be a job, a mortgage or those endless unexpected expenses. Others perhaps pain of body, soul or mind. Perhaps even a pain of  a interpersonal nature. We all have them.

Although we need to be encouraged through, it is love to remember that those around us too are pushing through.

It is thought that at this time in our economy we really are all  'head down pushing though'. Yet it is in every moment that there are those around us, or even our own self found face to the floor with only clear determination.
Each case alters from another.

There is though a hope. Even though hope deferred can make a heart sick, it is hope that gives our face a glance up. What then? What is it that eyes must be fixed on; Eyes that so easily can only see the floor below us. Hope. Trust that God yet lives. That He is for us not against us.

As all around us there are those who try to gaze up, but are reminded to cast down the glance as it is said 'all is doom'. Doom? For whom? Those without a hope. What is it to pour out the hope within you to another? This spoken realistically here not the mere spiritual answer. Yes hope is to be found in God alone, but what does that look like? We will only see it if our head lifts. If we lift the chin of another they must relax to allow it.

Pushing through is no fun. Thinking though into the hope we desire is to have vision . If that proves elusive than the head stays down and all that is left is to 'push through'.

Look up. Spread the news. Hold the chin of another if allowed. If not respect and support them as they push through. Sometimes that is all one can do. From the mouth of a child who said "think about all of this pain when it is over, not now when it is so hard".


Denise said...

Hey girl...... How are you? Life is so fast any more and I wonder where the time goes....

I have had my sweet husband in the hospital and it is wonderful to have him home again..... He has to have a stress test in the next week or so but he seems to be doing ok now.... It is just so different when it is the man laying in the hospital bed.... brings all things into perspective.

Cool weather has finally come to stay and I guess I am happy with that, but I am a summer person and always miss the beautiful summer days......

Love ya.... and glad to hear you are holding your head up high.....

Annette said...

This has me thinking about everything that has and is going on in my life right now...isnt it so much easier to hang our heads instead of lifting our heads, our skin, eyes, smile, our whole outside looks covers what is truley on in the inside....I love it when I can visit and it has me thinking....GOD wants us to look up at him not down to that nasty devil...so THANK YOU my sweet friend for this post, from this day forword I will do my best and keep my head & eyes looking up with a smile and not a frown...

Hugs to all~

Debra said...

Oh, those rough seasons.... went through one the first six months of this year and oh my-- It's so good to be out of it. So hang in there--hard times come and go and I'll pray that yours goes soon and in the meantime that you'll be able to keep the joy of knowing Him.

Anyway, mostly wanted to say thanks so much for your lovely comment at my blog yesterday. I so wish you could come and sit with me in my library, too! Blessings, Debra

Woodbridge Storage said...

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Denise said...

I have missed you sweet friend, keeping you close in my prayers. I love you.

Shreveport Self Storage said...

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