Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Chickens (Australorp) and other pets

good morning those beautiful souls who come by this way.
This is a time of wonder hear at the uncommon gang. Our home is full of new life. A new hamster for Dash, her name is Heather. She came to him at the pet store. WE believe in life and the wisdom there of. She chose him.
He learns much from her. Today after a week of days she took treat from his hand. He love to tend her and thinks well toward her in consideration to her feelings, wants and needs.

When we returned from our vacation it was put before me to think of an image that makes me think or feel heath. To purchase or cut out an image and place it in the kitchen. Nothing really fit, no wants or desires had I. So I sat still and though of life past. It was then I remembered him. He was fire and mahogany and his name was Rudy. He passed when the children were very small. Just after Dash came home. Dove loved him. He was a canary.
His song filled our home and made me feel fresh and alive every morning.
Yes...a canary.

On creigs list was a cage just new and all the treats toys supplies one could offer. He came with all needs met. $50. He is so beautiful. His song got him kicked out of the other house , me thinks. Now I do not mind the song of a bird. A cover over the cage and a calm spirit makes critters different. He has settled down now. His song rings though out the entire house. I feel so alive hearing it. Now I am an old birder. Some time now I had convinced myself no caged birds for me. Now that I am free and have learned we all have cages of our own sorts I see things differently. This little fellow is happy, longing to sing for someone. Preferably, I think a mate. However my company seams to please him well.

We also now have six more chickens. The other five girls have been laying sense 2007. I figure I best get another flock started. These girls are full size. After some research it was settled in my mind. Australorps five of them and one Laced Wing Wayndott. The folks that had them were very gracious to me. The fellow a real gentleman who raised gentlemen. We threw in the Wayndott so I gave it to Dove to name. The Lady was a real hoot. Her name was Wanda, she was so sweet.

Now my girls are a bit scrappy they are moulting and will soon bill out.
Before they were taken out of the dog kennel I got two eggs! That was within an hour of purchase. A day later seven out of the six birds within the first 30 hours ownership. Real sweet birds. We spent some great while  acclimating them.

Australorp - Standard - Page created by: LauraSBale
Chicken Breed Info:
Purpose: Dual Purpose
Climate Tolerance:
All Climates

Breed Temperament:
Friendly,Easily handled,Calm,Bears confinement well,Quiet,Shy,Docile

General Egg Info:
Productivity: High
Breed Colors / Varieties:
Chicken Breed History:
The Australorp Breed was developed in Australia 
at the end of the nineteenth century 
with Black Orpington stock from England. 
The breed also has genes from Rhode Island Red, White Leghorn, 
Langshan and Minorca crosses. 
The purpose of the breed was as a “utility” chicken
for both high egg production and meat. 
It was originally known as the Black Utility Orpingtons. 
The breed was standardized after World War One 
and admitted to the Standard of Perfection
in 1929 in England under the fitting name Australorp.
By the end of World War Two, Australian poultry breeders 
wrote up their own breed standards,
which have been accepted worldwide. 
Historically, Australorps have been egg-laying champions:
an Australorp hen once laid 364 eggs in 365 days. 
They are an exceptionally beautiful bird, quite big, 
with black glossy feathers 
that have a green sheen and huge black soulful eyes.
Chicken Breed Comments / Experience:
I find Australorps to be very easy going chickens. 
They are friendly, quiet and very good egg layers, 
laying as many as 300 eggs a year.
They do well with other breeds and weather the winter months well. 
Two of my girls went broody at the same time
and sat in the same nest together,
taking turns giving each other a break to eat and drink. 
They even sat on other chickens

Wyandotte - Standard - Page created by: Me + Peeps
Chicken Breed Info:
Purpose: Dual Purpose
Comb: Rose
Broodiness: Frequent
Climate Tolerance: All Climates

Breed Temperament:
Friendly,Easily handled,Calm,Bears confinement well,Quiet,Docile

General Egg Info:
Productivity: High
Size: Large
Color: Light Brown
Breed Colors / Varieties:
silver laced, golden laced, blue laced red, buff, blue, black, white, columbian, red, barred, penciled partridge.
Chicken Breed History:
Although not much is known about which birds contributed to the wyandotte it is thought that the cochin and the sebright bantam were big contributors. The breed was sometimes known as excelsiors or American Sebrights but were later named Wyandotte after the boat of the father of the original breeder.
Chicken Breed Comments / Experience:
Wyandottes are very sweet but they do go broody often. They lay well and usually don't fight much. They have a lot of plumage and that makes them look larger than they are. The hen weighs around 6-7lbs. and the male weighs 8-9lbs. They lay medium to large light brown to brown eggs. They make great mothers and roosters have a deep, relatively quiet crow.



Silver Laced Wyandotte
Silver Laced

We are loving life!


JUST A MOM said...

I am truly happy you got another Rudy bird... I LOVED THAT BIRD!!!! woudl love to see a picture of him... enjoy

Annette said...

I believe the same way you do about animals picking us for their owners...love to know I'm not the only one that thinks this way...I love to see a picture of your new hens, and you know, I'm like Dash, I always have tried to figure out what our animals are feeling and ask myself what would I want if I where them, I've been this way since I was a little girl....I LOVE all livning things, after all, all creatures where made OUR heavenly father....


I'm gonna be getting back to blogging, so check in please, I've missed you.

Denise said...

We want some chickens real bad... The Amish community about 30 miles from us are building portable chicken coops....... I told my sweet DH that I wanted to drive down there one day soon and see what they cost... I think they will hold 4 chickens!! Our back yard is fenced in so I think that it would work out real well.......

Sounds like you are enjoying yours! Have a blessed day girl..

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