Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Two weeks in the life of a homemaker/mother/gardener

 Each morning Dash goes out to the coop and gets his breakfast.
Tomato off the vine the night before.
This is what you call a fresh breakfast
 The joy of mothering and growing a garden flowed well this week.
Dash and I really had a time of it pulling carrots.
He was such good pleasure and keeps speaking of it with the biggest grin on his face.t
 The last week has been full of fung shui as I reinvented the studio.
I love it! By shifting the sewing center north the beading center was able to shift into place.
No longer facing a window that could not even be open is huge.
The mirror and window bring added space.
 It is all a little messy yet but coming along.
 I just LOVE it!
 Facing into the room is wonderful. Now my monitor is in view.
 Outside the hens were vieing for the best spot after the coop was cleaned this morning.
The day of seed gathering was spent in 70* wonderful cloud floating by sky
It was so beautiful
After a three large loads of laundry on the line and time in the garden my soul was more than content.
 Carrot seed for next crop
 Dill seed for harvest and herb for the kitchen.
It is a very spicy dill.
 The best onion to seed for next crop.
 this is Leek

Just today as Dash was in his hiding place in the garden.
He had his Mac and cheese under the umbrella of the narcissism and the big leaves of the broccoli.
The chickens came to him and he was sharing his macaroni with them.
It was so dear.
 Radish seed pods were collected to dry.
Pick ten leave some.
The birds love them.
I love the birds, win win.
 Mothers day was wonderful over at my MILove's.
Steve's brother and his family were there.

Dash had me in class on Monday.
I did a painting demo and painted our dear Rena and spoke of deeper things to the children.
It was so fun. I was pretty wiped out afterward and a very sweet girl saw me and came offering to carry the Travel easel for me. Perfect timing. Saturday's infusion was a bit hard on me.

Dash told Steve that in Social Studies Monday they were talking about the Civil War (Steve and I are history buffs). He said in answer to why the war was fought...the South fought for their "rats...". It went over the teachers head. "dad why did they fight for rats"? Rolling in laughter "son...their rights".
"What are rights dad?"

Telling me this at shower time I could not stop laughing. Even after lying in bed a while so funny!
The South were fighting for thier RATS!!!

 Doves grown up some after the three days at camp. 
She is doing so well. A real serious student.
We teach that education is a real gift.
These girls out of 99 kids won both camp awards.

She is a good kid to find peace around. 
Her kindness and humor are really treasured.
 Speaking of gifts the tomato plants are very happy.
Kissed by the bees daily a huge crop to come.
 Tonight I got the biggest compliment and joy from a neighbor.
She works at home and her office faces my front yard.
She called to me tonight just as I was finishing sweeping the front entry.
She told me how my flowers are the first thing that she looks forward too each day.
She opens her window first thing in the morning.
That is just why I planted them. It was my prayer as I dug that soil that in so doing that it might bring a little joy to all those who drive by too and from work.
Working on several things at the beading table. 
This is finished now.

We are happy and well. Hope all of you are as well. It was so nice to see your comments.
Susie, Amrita, Denise, Julie and David. Reighine and e-m0m your too beautiful. Hope that you all know that about yourselves.  I know I am forgetting names at the moment forgive me. Know that your sweetness touched my heart. Thank you for saying hello.

Life...it's all so beautiful.


Amrita said...

Good to hear from you Donetta

Susie said...

I just love your beautiful life:-)

Annette said...

Love you and always enjoy my visit with you and your family...

LOVE to all~

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Please pray for her parents and family
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