Monday, May 2, 2011

Marriage Monday

Good morning
Once again a dear Lady asks for our hearts and minds toward topic. 
Come join us today as our topic is Faith in our marriage
It is good and a sweet thing to experience trials with a man who loves God. In New love it is that infatuation covers all it flows over faults found within each one of us. It is the faith of that union to love through the hard times. Those times when health effects our personalities and responses. Aging has its infatuations of Character. Memories of the heart of who we each are.

For us this is faith. Believing the best in one another. Trusting that God is more in love with your spouse than you are. He is for Him/Her is such a way that can empower. Seeing shadows of the strength of a man begin to change. No longer that 'new' marriage. Watching bodies begin to change. Although very young in this process ourselves it is a time of faith.

Twenty nine years days watch months pass into years. Faith gives them spice. A savor. When nurtured or even if a bit neglected faith pulls loose ends tough. Tying cords that bind us in each of the memories of days when needs, even wants were met. Months when presence of 'the divine' unmistakeably  apparent. Years of honing by trial, sharpened by wit and humor. Faith is the evidence of what is hoped for the development of trust in it's many stages. Character enough to know that when something is not right that your hearts 'for' each other must fight through those thing that hinder or hurt. Even if it is frightening to face, even it it is misunderstood and hurts others. Faith tells love to act knowing that the fallout is out of our hands. It is faith that hopes that honesty and rigorous love will prevail around us/within us.

Faith tells trust that eyes open character is there. Health can mask our action, thoughts and even behaviors.
Faith asks God for a glimpse of understanding. 
Many things will be faced through life. We are all temporal beings. 
When my husband began to respond unlike himself health showed signs. Hypothyroidism was for him a culprit. For me illness took over our marriage for years. Battles faced of mind, body and spirit will be there in each life. Faith sees them through. Believing in those things hoped for. Being 'FOR' each other takes more faith than you will ever have. It takes trust in the one who loves our mate more than we do. 

Faith is remembering the experience strength and hope that a life time together has proven out. It lifts those difficult times spices up the days into humor of the frailty of us all. It is the fallout when challenging the status qua. Loving others so much that misunderstands resolve over time. 

It is knowing that it will all work out even when things may seam hopeless. Hold on for the ride faith is an exercise. Trusting that the both of you can make it all work out 'when' you believe the best of the other. When your life is lived 'for' each other and not against. Caring about the other as well as self. It is not in caring for our individual need that we become self centered. It is good and imperative to mind your own heart and needs. When 'two become one' we care for the whole when we tent to our own heart. This is the honing to do so with mutual needs in mind. Challenging is faith in acting, giving place for HOPE. Then hope sees the fruit of lives matured together.

It takes two to make it so. It take one to act at times to overcome the others weakness and to build up the whole. We take turns at that day by month by years gone by. Acting on LOVE, building Faith through hope. We have a wonderful future together, no matter the challenges that come our way to hone us.

Please join us once again for Marriage Monday on May 2, 2011. Our group topic this time is “faith.” How does your Christian faith express itself between you and your spouse? Do you pray together? Or discuss theology? Do you lead or attend a couples Bible study? Perhaps you’re spiritually unequal, yet you're thriving nonetheless. Feel free to share any aspect of your spiritual journey with us, dear sister.

I’m looking forward to meeting you back here at Chrysalis on Monday.

See you very soon!

e-Mom @ Chrysalis


Anonymous said...

As always, wonderful words of encouragement! Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday, today Donetta.

(((Hugs))) e-Mom

Mac an Rothaich said...

Thanks for sharing. This was a lovely post. It got to the heart of it! Faith in marriage really is believing the best of one another! Illness and all the struggles really do need to be survived with faith.

Samantha said...

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Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
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• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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