Monday, April 25, 2011

Morning in the flower garden

 Lightening rod

Great silence in the garden. 
Admiring beauty that slips through the cracks.
Those that might be yanked out by any other, me...well I like to water them.

They are seen on long drives through the forests.
Those majestic pines growing taller than any around them.
Those standing tall on the highest crest.
Beautiful, admired from a far.
Those that speak out of the soil of which they are made.
Those that are the lightening rods of this earth.

 Those that are to others weeds.
Annoying little things, treated as Credents (ancient city of Crete, despised).
If the bloom dare to rise up in a pristine disclosure the ugliness of life gets exposed.
Some neighbors see it as weed.
While others 
(who I believe are more enlightened) 
are grateful to be exposed to it.
 Beauty takes work. 
It takes work to hold on to ones own beauty as well.
 Beauty emerging from a shelter as a mother plant guarding a flower until it is established.
 Before beauty is the amazement of complexity.
 'Pinks' may be lavender yet non the less centered in beauty.

 Light captured shining through us.
It is then the glow be noticed.
As passers by slow to give eye.
 Focused up close looking deeper.
Being seen.

Can feed be excepted to soil when dust is dry?
Perhaps it will only burn any roots left living.
If feed be given to a life that needs only poor soil to survive...does it stop to thrive.

It all comes down to vantage.
 We error only when we stop from trying.
Should soil be left alone for them who need no rich, nor want no fertile grownd to grow.
It is then set apart for another spot in the yard.
Non less to tend to...non less of beauty.
Pretense needs neglect to thrive, no truth no real exchange.
Self sufficient living only on what is within the soil underfoot.

 Bare spots  from soil to rich, to honest.

One rich, one scraggly yet both beautiful.
 Reaching to the sky, shadowed left smaller.
Faces longing for the full sun.
Faces that will follow the sky are called proud.
That is how the sunflower is known.
Because it has the audacity to put it's face to the sun?

Yet look at those that linger there, in the shadows, not quite able to reach full potential.
 Ones mans vantage,

and then an others.

Lightening rods those trees that stand up tall exposed more than all the others.
Lightening rods risking demise death by just living.
These trees non better just sitting on higher ground or in the earth deeper than another.
Tapping deep into the life flow. 
Some even as a shelter to others. 

Yes they are exposed set to die if struck, and in so doing gives a grounding to the energy that flows.
That force that glows and cracks through the skies that surround it.

Once they are gone just think who will replace them?

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Please pray for her parents and family
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