Thursday, March 24, 2011

Time to turn your gold into grocery's

 As important as it is to have good liquid assets it is more so to mind the times. In the days of Egypt's famine there came a dreamer. He knew how to interpret the times. So should we interpret the times wisely. 

We took out some of our savings yesterday to bulk up the staples in the pantry. It was once upon a time that my pantry was always full. This last year with all the health stuff the bulk ran low. It is good to run out the bulk once a year or so however now is NOT the time to do so.
 The hard freezes, flooding in the mid west and the inter national scope of food sources is in crisis.
We in the states are about to see something we have not had to deal with for many decades. Our food stores are dwindling in comparison to years gone by. We have yet to see the full scope of what is coming our way.
Rising fuel cost is also effecting food costs.

Your savings accounts have a very low yield of return in compare to the percentage the food costs are increasing. The wage is not increasing yet the foods are at least 30% higher over a year or so. This is going to continue and spike very soon. the wise steward considers these things.

Even though most things here are homemade the basic short order items need to be kept on hand.
  • what is it you use on a month in month out basis
  • Imported spices and such items that we depend on from imports
  • staples, flour and any grain items will increase rapidly
  • pasta
  • rice will get harder to get soon, my favorite basmati is now gone on market. I have kept my eye on the horizon and saw that the rice was increasing fast. I purchased 2 twenty pound bags now no longer available. Yes some other types are on market but of lower quality.
  • cereals (we only use two main ones)
  • bacon or anything related to your breakfast table
  • sauce or condiments (glass containers are best)
  • canned fruit (fresh is best but canned is better than non) imports will reduce rapidly very soon.
  • orange juice (fresh is best yes) will sky rocket so get several frozen concentrates to have on stock. Florida lost a good percentage of crop this year to freeze
  • pet foods
  • feminine items
  • dish washing soap
  • vinegar (many uses)
 Keep your eye on the times by observing the world around you.
People freak out and that is because of a 'sudden panic'
there is no need to panic when you prepare and observe.
gold bar to gold coin - one of my favourites!
This is not a panic it is a proactive action.
Invest your earnings wisely.

The hardest part of a full pantry is keeping it secure with good containers. NEVER leave things in boxed packages if you can help it. Ration things out as well teaching the children that a full pantry is not a 'pig out' it is a resource. Teach the way of the grain stores to others. Joesph of old rose to great heights of honor by saving a nation. You can do the same for your family.
It is wisdom.
Each day as food rises your capital decreases. By filling up your pantry you reserve a greater percentage of your income. Use good shopping techniques. Couponing is a good thing too if you only get what you would normally use. Lead in adds are very helpful. Buying in a bulk fashion is costly at first yet saves so much more than your savings account yield. Remember to keep an eye on the expiration dates. Never get more than you can use before the expire date. The good years, the years of plenty are coming to a slowing. See the times at hand and be relaxed in your proactive stance.


ohiofarmgirl said...

There is so much wisdom in this post and I will start to try to do this. thank you for the reminder. Dianntha

Amrita said...

You are a Proverbs house keeper Donetta.

I am going to make mulberry jam an d cordial with my mulberry fruit, and I was thinking of you, you do things like this with your harvest too.

I am also freezing veggies.
Inspiration from you, my dear.

Audra said...

A wise and prophetic post, one that I needed to be reminded of. We are building our pantry back up. I an constantly buying bulk rice, grains, flours, anything I can use to stretch our meals a bit further.

I will be sharing this with several other wonderful friends, as this is just what we needed.


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