Saturday, February 19, 2011

Financial fraud, God is watching

Many years ago we were refereed to
this accountant to do our taxes. 
This a referral coming from my BIL he as well as his kids and my in laws all used this mans services for tax preparation. We were just laid off with a severance package and for the first time I needed help doing our taxes. Thank God I only used him one time. Thank God that we did not accept his advise or accept his suggestions. Given as if it were a honorable thing. He spoke of how many church going folks he has helped set up trust funds for their wills. We had had a trust set up when we went back to Russia to get our son. Leaving Dove here we had to protect her. He wanted his hands on our trust to 'help' us. We did not go there for we were just doing taxes and were far to busy to even think about his offer.

We just learned that the man is now serving 18 months in prison for fraud and tax evasion setting up off shore accounts for his wealthy clients. I remember him telling us something about how he was protecting those incomes of a woman who had a special needs adult. Wow to learn now that perhaps those poor folks were think of the ploy against us being older with special needs kids that "would one day need someone to 'watch' over them if we were to die" Holy cow!

We never used his services again. Strange I remember being uncomfortable. Taxes ONLY was my use for his services but I remember him suggesting helping us with our severance package.

Now folks that is twice that we have been protected by my instincts.
We once had a financial adviser who worked for a prominent large company. I never felt right with him. He was even in a prayer group of our men's retreat. I was called by his wife as the police left his office him in handcuffs. She had found our paperwork in his brief case. We would of been his next victim. This fellow who was sitting beside me in prayer ? was in fact getting ready to steal us blind.
She protected us. He had also been charged with sexually stalking his wife's grown daughter. I was always uncomfortable with him for he had a strange tick and could not look me in the eye for long. I just thought I was making too much out of it. I even warned Steve several times that something was wrong. I had to call the company to report it and protect what ever he was doing from our harm.
 One only one time we allowed his offer for he and his wife to watch the kids so we could have a mental health break (date). She never left their side thank God I am so suspicious of folk. We do not let our kids out on a very long lead. We hold tight and let the length out a bit but never let go of it.

We have since had a wonderful woman who is tops in the company be our help. She normally only helps high profile clients who I assure you we are not. Again though God protected us.

Listen to your instincts ladies.
God is watching us.

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