Saturday, July 17, 2010

Spiritual Sunday

As the hot summer days are drawing faster again, there are many people who prefer to go the swimming pool and have their time of relaxation there. But, the customers should take some precautions about the dangers related to swimming especially when it comes to using the public swimming pools.
The Danger of Public Swimming Pools
There are some reports by the Center for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) that swimming pools that are being used by the public are not safe. They said that the bacteria in these places are high and could be risky to one’s health. As the CDC went around for some investigations, they have reported that 1 in 8 public swimming pools hold violations on the health and safety code. Some of these pools are too dirty that could threaten the public health, while others had other problems like missing safety equipments. According to the CDC, kiddie pools have the most disinfection problems where they found some bits of fecal matters.

I took the kids swimming yesterday in a public pool , he said he felt bad when we pulled into the driveway afterward. He said he swallowed water.
In the night he awoke in a night sweat (he never wakes in the night) this morning a low fever. Later he came into the room to get me again awake and Daddy man tended him.God is here no need to "invite Him" :) we did open our thanks and praise up to him that Dash can fight it off. He asked if this meant he had to have infusions. :(
I told him Nope that fever is your good guys fighting off the bad guys. The good guys are burning up the bad guys.

singing birds

Thanks for rejoicing in my life. Beauty helps me see that reflection from HIS eyes and reminds me that HE IS HERE, and to remember HE AWAITS ME

Praise HIM...always...  I am seeing the difference of praise for it or begging it of him strange to try to put into words though.

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Spiritual Sundays 

Alex did here very poignantly

John 3:16 for God so loves us

It is he who is a waiting our presence. He is here all along. Come home to where our hearts belong.
In suffering we turn our heads to the wall. Stuffing all the hurt and fear trying to be brave. It was a good touch on the shoulder that Alex gave to me to remind me to roll over and to turn my face with all of the courage I had mustered and look at HIM with my eyes. Seeing my reflection in HIS eyes reminded me of who I am. Who HE is and how He is ever present. It is I who he is inviting to stay that way...
Far too easy to become removed face to the wall and suffer in a silent vigil of self mustered courage.
So he is here to tell all too, to speak the truth too, to trust the outcome from all the challenges we are blessed with. Those many trials that are more about HIM than anything we might be going through. I have known this in my mind but forgot it in my heart through becoming wherry in doing good. Wherry in the tough of the trial.
Growing up a bit more today. Turned my face from the wall as it were that I used to close my eyes in the fatigue of trials.
Now open my eye to the reality of HE IS PRESENT and I do not have to remove myself to be courageous.
HIS presence is the courage in me.


Charlotte said...

I loved going to the public swimming pools when I was a child back in the dark ages. Thankfully I never got sick and I always begged for just 5 more minutes when mother told me it was time to get out. I like the way you explained fever to your son. People take aspirin and other things to take away a fever, but forget the fever is there for a reason. Thank you for sharing with us.

sarah said...

I love that last sentence. His presence is the courage in me.....For's the absolute truth. And I'm glad your son is better. Public pools if not well maintained can breed all kinds of yucky things. Thanks for this reminder.

Alex said...

SO good.....thank you for the mention. :) I'm sure He is smiling at seeing your beautiful upturned face.

I hope your boy is feeling better. No fun to be sick in the heat of summer.


Saleslady371 said...

Hope your son is feeling better. My husband won't swim in pools! Bless you and yours this weekend.

Whidbey Woman said...

Hope your son has a complete recovery from whatever he caught at the pool. Your post is timely, as many folks are seeking relief from the heat. God bless.

Denise said...

I love you sis.

Denise said...

I swam in military base pool all my life and never got sick. My boys swam one time in public school and got a terrible virus on their hands and feet. I never let them go back.

BUT I made them a slip and slide just in their own back yard.....

Hope he gets to feeling better...

Stay out of the heat.......


Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

I have such good memories of public swimming pools I can even remember the way they smelled. It was a indoor pool and it was called the plung. It's sad how the kids now can't do any of the things like we use to. Like drinking out of a hose, I loved to do that as a child. I will say a prayer for your son.
God Bless,

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