Monday, April 12, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday

Monday after baking a large ham and a larger turkey (due to child and a power switch)
Then sliced both, cooked down the carcass and the ham bone.
Turkey and stars broth With seasoning of dried vegatable powders, onion, celery salt, the bay that was in the boil down.
Beans and ham. BBQ seasons, molasses, crushed tomato, onion, sage and corn starch to thicken.
All is cooling on the stove as of just now turning them off.
Dishes anyone?
I know those will be happy dogs with that ham bone.
A 1/2 gallon of turkey gravy also.
Gotta have that for the mashed potato that will be a main part of my sustenance this week for no solid food for a week.

Oh I am dead on my feet!
Time tonight to sit and get relaxed and tired. 
Tuesday tackle
Oral surgery 10 a.m.
Laying down to offer myself up as a vessel to be available for those who are doing the procedure. Rather than focusing on my self.
Calling my will to intercede for them as under nitrous I will be listening to their hearts expressed in the small talk that goes on. 
Listening and talking with Abba Papa staying in The Palm of His hand.
Letting go of the funds that were set aside in hope to have a long long due holiday this summer.
Knowing God made those funds available so this can be paid in full. 
No debt as our heart so longs to live. 
Doves braces come off in two weeks and we will be able to pay off the debt at that time.
Focus focus focus that is my biggest task tomorrow. 
Calling my nerve into submission toward trusting that God has only His best in mind for me.
I am blessed.
To lend my voice only to sounds of freedom, no longer giving my strength to those things that I wish to be free from. 
To live my life with love and bravery and I shall live a life uncommon.


Denise said...

Sending many prayers up for you sis, love you so much.

Susie said...

Good luck with the surgery! I hope everything turns out ok!!

Alex said...

I love reading your words. Your heart expressed in such a poetic way....its inspiring and a tremendous witness. It makes me smile and think when others are able to turn a situation on its side and see it from a perspective different from the world. It helps challenge me to do the same.

Bless you today! He will be with you holding your hand! :)

Audra said...

Lovely post Donnetta. I love the glad you were able to cook ahead for your family. Always a few steps ahead, that is what inspires me about you.

Praying for a successful surgery with no complications, as I recently had some work done with disasterous results (bad infection). Feeling better now and headed back on Thursday to get the teeth worked on AGAIN. So you will be in my thoughts and prayers dear lady.

Hope your recovery is quick! :)

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Please pray for her parents and family
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