Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas shopped within the budget

Morning greeted me early today. So nice to be rested at 5 a.m. What a wonderful way to start after a good sleep. That sleep greeted me in the face when I walked into the door. Mom was TIRED! I walked right into the bedroom laid on the bed clothing on and everything. Even before the kids were put to bed!
We had gone over the the far west valley for an early thanksgiving at the home of a niece and the great nieces and nephews. The husbands nephews by marriage. 

Myself, My Sister and my SILove formerly my brothers wife. It was her and her kids that hosted us

We had a mall trip with three kids,  on Saturday and the same thing be the end of that day too. Felt so good to get some sleep. Funny how sweet it is waking when you don't HAVE too but your ready to. Refreshed.

This morning it was sweet to greet the kids and the tasks and my gentle husband

We have been saving long and hard and carefully assigned a budget and then split it for the kids. Today I was able to tend to much of it and am all but done. It will be a thankful year of few boxes but great wishes.
It is so nice to have a year of humility. It brings some balance to the hearts that wish to give everything and the moon. Alas, we have everything we need. We have so many things we want. So few to count when hearts of contentment measure higher in the cup. Measuring up to recipe that will empower us to overcome the 'i wants' of old. The old being "Sorry for me" by measuring you sorta thing.

Going to the mall Saturday spending only $1 on some mints WITH THREE KIDS and no wining was terrific! it left lingering wants and if's only. I found the coolest Bohemian store and just loved the look so use what I had to try to copy it. DO NOT GO TO MALL :)  So I came home and played with what I had and became satisfied without sway until I thought of how others might perceive me. The great slip up set out by envy and low self confidence. However I felt glorious when I threw out those "they might thinks...'

So this day met the list within the limits! Keep track of all the 'if only' that might reach into pocket and make a big old pie of buyers remorse.

It really feels happy inside me to have no dread or fear. We worked hard to save noted every dollar and it really paid off. NO DEBT!
Sewing ahead, beading too. But no malls no stores not a moment of stress or feeling like a cheep, "bad mom" for not pouring out. They know our true love by the example they get not by the stuff. Stuff out of a guilt offering just offers up well....guilt
That is a gift that is given without freedom to the giver or the recipient.
Do I pine? 
yep a little bit, but I'll get over it.
They are not hurting a bit!
Their hearts desires met.


Denise said...

Good morning girl! I hate going shopping and have NEVER made a habit of it..... I do not live near a mall so I am not tempted..... When my boys were young and I was a single working mom I would put things in lay-a-way starting in Jan. by the time November rolled around I was finished...... Those were the days when they learned that "stuff" did not bring joy!

Susie said...

What a wonderful feeling:-)

ohiofarmgirl said...

What a sweet and wonderful post. That made me rethink a few things I had planned on purchasing for my young adults....thank you for sharing some wisdom! Dianntha

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