Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday/Friday and Saturday

Life is filled with beauty.
My gardens will be filled with more beauty for beauty is so important.
Important enough to to place it before our eyes as a constant. Now whether or not we stop to notice it?...well, my eyes have beheld a good amount of it this week.

Thursday thankfulness is full of new acquaintances. Again funny, yes on Craigs list a relationship has sparked with a woman who was giving flower seed away! When I called her it had been taken. She however had plenty. So we are doing a seed swap! All set up to receive seed to may varieties long on my wish list. ALL FREE save for the little kindness it cost to reach out.

Now Thursday was a busy morning here. Shirts to iron, breakfast to make. Upon awakening the water was running I walked in on Dash
Told Dove that her shirt was terrible wrinkled. The kids helped get all set and the time was made for me to iron it. She was so cute. I saw a flash. She had my camera. Surprise. Early morning face. Not much different than how I normally look.
Except tired. The pup had a painful night so I kept a long watch on him.

She turned the camera on herself. This is what I have the honor to look at during my two hour mom mornings. She is so kind. She is really a dear heart. Her color palate has been widening. Bless God she even had NO black on at all today. This all black stuff makes me think of goth. I hate goth! Living dead.

So a single mom was building a shed. She needed vents. These have been sitting in our garage for a while. They were for the chicken coop. Met up another acquaintance. She a single mom of two autistic kids. She looked up my blog and then emailed me asking if we might get to know each other. She just moved here from Ca. so we may have tea together.

Friday was picture day at the kids school. My Dove asked me to do her hair! Boy was I in mom heaven! So many many years I had only dreams of moments like those. She was so happy for the necklace she has on is one she gets a repeated NO when she begs to use it. I heard in my spirit to trust and offer her to use it on this special occasion. Worked out she had forgotten her lunch. I took the necklace home after I took her lunch to to her.

Look fast Grandma, she has a dress on! Oh she looked so pretty. She did have her adorable black high top tenny shoes on though. A little 'girl' is enough to do for her. It was so fun.

Of course Dash needed a hair cut on Thursday evening. He is so hard sometimes with his sensory stuff. I felt like clobbering him the night before. All in all I was able to give him a good cut. Not perfect but pretty good for having to use my large sheers because the hair cutting scissors are missing. So is my cutting  instruction manual.

So you wonder what I have been up to?
Grid is set for the garden as well as the time line.
Seeds at the ready except for the free ones coming.

The measurements taken out front and at the arbor under the master bedroom window. This is my method. Click on the image and you will see.
Color and height marked as well as vital statistics.
The front is broken down into many zones. shade, semi shade, oasis, and transitional. As too better utilize the water and cost the least to water.

All plots and sections are packaged together. In height order as well for the floral seeds. Notes taken at study as to soil prep, needs and schedules.

Well the peas got in today

This is the cucumber bed. Straw mulched.
With chives to protect them from insects.
Mixed broadcast radish of three types to the left over by the umbrella in image.

Those extra new to me hoses that were given to me some time back... I set up the mist sprayer for the two beds here and the pea bed as well. Now there is no need to drag hose. They get heavy when full of water. This also feeds to the canopy covered plants.

A lot more work to do yet.
That bench that was given me.. Well a new place to rest. It fit just as if it were made for the space. Speaking of making, I will make some seasonal pillow covers and have a sweet place to be. When gardening with visitors they will sit here. This will also be my meditation/prayer refuge amidst all of the things I so love. The living.

Speaking of the living things I so love...
I was in the front near the table on the porch, I saw something out of the corner of my eye as I was noting the measurements of the flower beds. I held real still. Then again right near my leg. Not 4 inches from my leg at ankle height ... a Anna Humming bird. She just drank from the vine at my feet. Then she came right up to my face only about 10 inches away looked me eye to eye.
It was so holy!
Kept me at balance all day.

After soaking all night the peas were planted this afternoon as the estate settled down

The Happy Hens gave an outstanding ovation to the 70* night.
Talk about being glad it is fall.

It was a 5 egg day!
Miss my Prissy girl, she was a real good laying hen.
We awoke this morning jumping right out of our skin when ol' lab of mine let it be well known that we had the workers had come. All those years of rotten 'tree guys landscapers' my prayers were answered by a neighbors referral. The fellow ( a palm specialist) called up his friend who is an arborist. Bonefide Master Arborist
He removed the old dead Queen Ann palm and this amazing fellow up in tree treated this magnificent specimen with the dignity and respect any beautiful healthy tree deserves.

I am delighted!

He is so beautiful!

So Dove is off to a sleep over, say a prayer. This is a big one for me. She and three others will be going to a skate rink. Very iffy for me. I still am calling to make sure a parent is staying.
Just can't take anything for granted now days.
Daddy man just took Dash over to fetch a darling little soul. This little one who came home from Russia just a little while after Dash. They are life long friends, we all are.
So a quiet calm house with a delightful cool AC

Looking to the future with great anticipation of being overwhelmed with the beauty that surrounds me. 
Faith the substance for things hoped for and not yet seen.

These and many more to come.

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Denise said...

Sweet blessings sis, love you.

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