Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Clean hands

Through out my days it has been my desire to have Clean hands and a pure heart. Now many things will come toward us that will muddy up our hands and do everything against our heart staying pure.  I want to be blessed. Blessed is the man with a clean heart.
No blood shed, no wounds to the hearts of others that might leave my hands soiled as it were with innocence defiled. The worst thing about this life is when good men and women do nothing. That is when evil will flourish.  Have you ever noticed however how hard it can be to kick against that wall.
Well here for a season my foot just got too dog gone sore to kick at that old wall in my way. I did my best to side step it with a 'it is not on my hands' kind of mentality just so as to not have a broken foot.

There is a real cool phrase I have heard...

"well, how's that working for ya?"

Well it seemed to offer a bit of rest from the toes tried and tired. I noticed something though. If I did not kick against the evil than no one did. Or so it seamed. A child then got to kicking at that wall as well then he got tired. I would just what you know is right. How is it said? "be an example"
The old do as I say not as I do was just not cutting it for me. So with all my strength I began to press on that wall. Now trust me it took some major opposition. Made the masses inconvenienced but eventually the effect of the wall became notice. It was changing the lives of those I hold most dear.
The time had come at hand to just out and out pulling out sledge hammer if I must and knock it down. As it seems me stepping down to make everyone comfortable caused just as much an issue. All things due in it's season of course.

Recently to my delight the hands of my family have become washed as it were.

These new ages of all things permissible does not mean that they are profitable.  The technology that surrounds us and is streamed into our lives is a wash as a flood of refuse. All the artist and film makers efforts pilfered by the masses. The software authors loss of respect and revenue is the wealth of the masses as well. All here for the savvy to exploit. We call it our right or our good fortune.

When is our good fortune ever a gain if our hands are filthy. " 'taint non of us clean of it"!

So it is our efforts to become so. The loss of all the "free" entertainment, educational information, movies and even the old shows streamed in. Unless they are acquired legally we are not of clean hands.
Of all the apparent gain it is filtered in error. Error that well can come back on our families and bite them in their character and in the lax of life. A robber in itself.
This had caused such great shame for me personally that I all but withdrew from life on the computer.
Now however the hearts are purer, hands becoming clean. It is a great expense to remove all illegal software, movie, media, and such. Yes we understand this however there are a few wonderful resources out there.
We found one that for $200 a year you can gain almost all of the varied Window's applications of software for a year. It takes great diligence to down load and restart, rebuild the computer systems. Not for the faint of heart. It does do wonders however for the pure of heart.

Reaching out with dirty hands makes one just want to keep them in your pockets. Once the hand is clean it is a joy however to extend it to another.

Like in the movie 'Wallie' we are consumed.

It took 700 years for this poor ol' robot  and the earth to see life, once they saw it freedom then began for all those folk who thought it so awesome to be feed the comfort. Most never even realized that there was life out there away from the computer monitor.  Those dog gone things started to own the folks. We are to own what we own. If it is not ours them we must return it to the rightful owners.

It has been challenging. However once the outcry of the missing media calmed down...we are now as a family going for nightly walks, eating supper together at the table again. Actually looking into each others eyes.

Oh that wall is finally coming down and not being a blind wall. Seeing life as a balence is an awesome thing.
So now my hands are clean, my heart is retuning to me. I no longer am ashamed. Shame is a gift that calls us to make a course correction. I had to stop ignoring the wall that tired my foot, divided my union and made me look like a prude to my kids. They have a respect now for us. I too have a great respect for my husband. As he now rebuilds our computers and makes right this wrong.

It was like honey drawing in the naive.

Own what you own. If you can not afford it than ask God to fill the need/want as HE sees fit. Is it a loss yep. Oh what a gain however when your hands are clean and your heart has the freedom found in purity.


Susie said...

I LOVE that last paragrah!

Denise said...

Amen sis, love you.

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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