Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday *Laundry tips*

 Doing Laundry is a chore most of us do weekly
As you may know I make our own laundry soap

Here is a GREAT TIP!

Owning a front loader saves water yes but they get a funky stink in them.
If you own one you know what I mean. Musky yuck in your clothing as well.
Forbid you should wait too long to change loads.


Just a few drops in the jug kills the funk in the machine.
It actually has many uses.

This week the kids rooms were gutted and put back together with ONLY things that fit.
Under Doves bed made her look more a Pack Rat then a dove.
This is all the laundry I got finished on Monday and Tuesday. 
I got a bit behind.
So this is today's tackle with a few good tips.
One of the tips finally implemented after years of desire is a porch sink.
See my new wash tub, I found it when I played hooky on Monday.
This not only save me time and energy but also uses the water to gift the plants a drink.
Now you'll have to use your imagination.

The hand wash done and hung within feet of the process.
Note the nice large plastic clothes pens I found at Wally world.
No more snagging from those wooden ones.

Now the wooden ones are used in the sun for they can survive the heat.

Once all the large stuff is folded and the clothing sorted, each child has their own corner of the sofa.
The stacks are started with an item or two to give them direction. 
They then finish out the job on their own.

This is what they found when they got home from school
Makes it more manageable for them and less overwhelming.

Now those Darn Socks!
Who darns socks?
Our Great Grand Mothers, and those who knew the value of a dollar.
Too much ease to just go buy more and trough them out.
My sweet son does not get this one yet.
I made him stand there and watch me do one.

I use an egg shaped paper weight.
Once thy actually had wooden hand types.
Now thanks to modernism this will do. Sometimes shopping at antique malls or the goodwill type thing old tools get stumbled upon.

The actual fabric is a woven with dense fibers within to hake padding.
The thick fibers get worn out and off so that the warp is thin.
Using a needle and cotton thread catch the warp by pulling the sock tight on the ball.
one of the warp is under and one is over the fibers naturally. 
Using that to your advantage holding it just so sliding the needle over the ball catches the warp.

Do not use a whip stitch at the end. Using one will give an uncomfortable lump.
Turn the ball over and weave going the other way back and forth.
Some socks are fixable

some are not
This is a great task if you need to get off your legs awhile.
After walking the antique mall the injection sites began to bruise.

Doing a task keeps me sitting otherwise it would just be really hard to sit around.
Now remember NOT A WHIP STITCH

Watch the ball
Then turn the ball forth

and so on 
Little bulk.

While others toss a torn sheet be different.

All of 5 minutes later good as new.


Susie said...

Awesome tackle and awesome tips:-)

Elizabeth said...

Hi Donette,
I got rid of my front loaders. I love my old fashion top loaders so much better. Good to see you are feeling better.

Denise said...

Such wonderful tackles.

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