Friday, July 2, 2010

A lesson in Social Geography

Good Morning!
Recently our kids have been learning more about Cultures around the world.
They watched (or should I say Dash watched) a documentary on the toilet and water problems around the globe. For example in India...well lets just say the major river has become the "sewage system" of the "modern" construction. In Malaysia the fields and waterways are local toilets and hopes are to remove some of the obstinacy by teaching about malaria for it is rampant. They are even celebrating when a home gets a toilet. These are squat toilets but non the less not in the creek they drink form.

The kids heard about some of the causes we care about. Then they gave their input as to where they would like to help.

Dove threw a curve in the mix. Gotta love this kids heart "Mom, Mexico..I have a friend and her grandma lives there and they really need help". So many Americans hate the people who if they had their needs they might stay across the boarder and stop drains our countries resources. Understanding. So after looking into it Habitat for humanity looks like a great group of souls trying to do some good.
Children are often good eyes into the needs of folks unbiased by the controversies.

Now as for Dash he thought about Kenya. Cornerstone Church is partnering up with a dear heart known as "Mamma". She has an orphanage 2200 square feet with 140 kids. Three bunks high. Dash wants to help build a dormitory so she can take more children off the street... or out of the wondering. These are the throw a ways. Lord Lord how sad. In Russia Dash was housed there with the kids that would never be adopted because of abnormalities

My heart goes there. Doctors without boarders operation smile. Sitting on the orphanage floor waiting for Dash to be changed and handed to me to hold my heart was pierced. Before me sat on the floor a child who had clef lip/palate. I knelt on the floor and loved on him, to the horror of the workers. A child without a future because of a simple reconstructive surgery. A son of my heart that would forever remain a driving force of good. Instead of repulsion from parasites, drawn to the inner soul of this dear one. Later taking medications for the bugs but always thinking what a little cost to give that baby 5 minutes of love.

Daddy man has a heart for "Father Roderic" a pod cast, talk show on line.  Although we are not Catholic this man is a blessing to him everyday.
Oh far too often do we loose out on things due to limits self imposed into rejection if we differ. This man BLESSES him. We are of the heart and content.

Now bring it closer to home...
Dash has a friend who has a single mom. When he stays the day here to play all he wore was flip flop shoes. I would have him ware an extra pair of Dash's shoes to play in outside in the yard. Boys just can not run and play with abandon in flip flops. He only has shoes when school starts.
Dash gave him his shoes. Now dash has three pair two old and one nice. Dash gave him his nicest shoes...When I realized this I was humbled and told Daddy Man. Oh we both just teared up with affection toward the heart of our son.

All around this globe are cultures, peoples are of varying need.
The greatest thing my children ever need is the understanding that who they are is not what they have but what they are willing to give. We are poor only through what we refuse. Rich through what we are willing to receive. My FILove has a needle point of such on a wall. The richness we have is from what we have been given. Yes we worked hard to gain it but it is that even the poor work hard. To whom much is given much is required. It is a gift from God.  It is not for us to store it all up to our own demise. As I age more and more I am exposed to the folks who pass leaving masses of stuff for the others to disassemble at their passing. Passing also on a burden for them to deal with. Several of my friends have lost parents and are in the process of doing so. My mom had nothing and so at her passing I was spared this. My sister dealt with our dads stuff and oh it was a nightmare for her to do so. There were even fines he accrued that she had to pay. Loosing the lands. A heritage and an inheritence is to be a gift to or dependents yet not become a burden. It is good to do so, yet it is far more than just monies and stuff.

Early on in our union there was an old spinster woman who lived with her other two sisters until one by one they passed. This was where many things came into our use. This a huge honor to have fine linens and fun jewelry.  Then after we were done with the estate sale the home was emptied of all that was left.
Now we the extended family were blessed. I remember the energy my MILove and others had extended on the task. I was a very young bride then. It was a good lesson that was forgotten for a while. It is these experiences in life that produce understanding when knowledge is saught in hopes to remember wisdom.


Angie said...

Sweet friend. I understand about not coming this year. Again- we prayed for those who NEEDED to come. God is answering. You are so tender hearted (after I read this post, about Dash--I know in my heart-that his tender heart is learned from his momma's heart--tender as it is!)

God is good--and He will give us another time to visit again!

Love you dear one!

Annette said...

You are about one of the sweetest moms I have ever known!! I love how you and your dear sweet husband have taught your beautiful children about other cultures and are teaching them to LOVE everyone in this cruiel world we live in, but children see the beauty in it all, they see no boundries, and how they want to help out the less fortunate than us is just too sweet, when you told of how your Mr. Dash gave a better pair shoes to a friend, that reminded me so much of my baby brother that lived in Oklahoma and was killed at the age of 12, theres was a neighbor boy who didnt have a bike and my brother was fixing up a bike for him to have when he was killed, and yes the neighbor boy did get his bike, my other brothers from my dad and step mom finished it and gave it to him, Johnny once gave a less fortunate kid his new jacket and he wore an old one. I LOVE a true heart, your children have learned this all from you and your dear husband, our world will be a better place because of people like you and your family.

Lots of hugs to all~

Denise said...

Your family is one great big tender heart, love you all.

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

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• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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