Friday, March 26, 2010

Humble friday delighting in life

Oh all of you sweet darlings. I had not a chance to come by and let you all in on the busy day yesterday. I just had a moment to say thank you.
First off amazingly my ankle and knee were only a little bit by the sprain and it did not slow me down until early evening and then I was ready to get off my feet.

(half hour later)
dishes soaking, morning table cleared. Kids to the buss stop a walk around the block

So any way my ankle ? it is alright, La te da had a post on a good foot soak the night I fell and that is what we were referring too. My knee took it a bit tender but is do able. This morning my wrist a bit swollen looks forward to getting into that dish water. Take the motivation where I can get it Ha!

Great news yesterday at Doves testing and Phyc appointment. She has been declared to NOT have ADHD (inactive), The anxiety disorder and the social cognitive is still at issue. That is such wonderful news for us!
We are so delighted.

So the Grieving?...
Well on Tuesday I took great courage and tackled another session of EMDR to address the Post Traumatic Stress issues that challenge me. It was a real hard one. When I was a little one, after my sister went off to kindergarten and the others were at school. My mother and H. went to the cafe to work the day I was left in the "care " of bill (lower case intended) . This evil man sold me for the dollar to have unspeakable things filmed. Tore me up in every way and I had the courage to tell someone what happened. Seams the secretes of our lives hold such a chain on our souls.

I have freed my heart from a great tormenting cruel lie that has been over me from that time some 44 years ago. The lie? "kindness is undeserved to me as is value of self hood. As much as I have tried to believe the words spoken to the contrary it never really permeated my soul.

It was a real hard couple of days literally was not able to stand well after the session, the body remembers. It was mortifying to speak the details and remember those things I so wanted to forget. Recalling is letting it go, trying to push it away is just really holding onto it. Letting old things go and pressing on is such a perplexing concept and in religion can become cruel. God is not cruel to me however and trusting in Him and in the process I am finding amazing all be it painful restoration.

The pleasure of looking at my children and just delighting in the silly childhood innocence is like a silver lining in what was once little more than a stormy sea. Constantly trying to pull my head above water replaced with floating in it more peacefully. I know that I have some more freedoms to fight for. As hard as it is it is a joy to set free the real me I am created to be. Now I see dimly but then face to face. The lights are rising up and the face is beautiful in it's reflection.

So my tackle was great as was the reward for doing so. It is so terrible the things that the young ones suffer at the hand of the oppressor.

Well there was Dove on the tellie she forgot her field trip slip. Gotta run


LisaShaw said...

Hi dear Donetta,

I'm praying for you and your leg/ankle and for your family. So glad to hear the news about Dove.

It is also very true that secret pain can keep us in bondage. The enemy would love for us to believe his lies often spoken through others and the pain we endured by their hand but THANKS BE TO GOD for freedom in Christ when we give it over to Him.

You are a beautiful daughter of the King...child of GOD and I'm thankful that He created you.

Love you!

Denise said...

I love you sis with all my heart.

Amrita said...

Hugs to you Donetta

Denise said...

When I read this my mind wonders to my childhood and in that memory lies nothing but OK memories.. Thinking that it could have been so much better but in reading yours I think that mine was that of a fairy tail princess... I do not know how the mind lives amidst the darkness that you endured... It HAD to be the light of the Father God that followed you every step of the way. HE wept when you wept ... HE held you ...... What a large place HE has brought you to and safety and love is the theme.

HE will take you all the way from this darkness and through this process you grow........ HE is a loving Father..... HE still weeps with you......

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Please pray for her parents and family
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