Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tales from the scales challenge and group.

My begining at 193 pounds. Boy I can not believe I am so drastic,
This has got to work!


Well I have been attempting discipline to reduce my weight. I really do well with the Tackle it Tuesday. I need some support to do this maybe it might help. I have to gain back my health and am scared about my knee but I'll do what I am able too.
They have all the info on the sight. click on the side bar button.

Folks, as "I was typing this" the news came in.

I got a call from my orthopedic surgeons office . My shots are there,I have been approved by my insurance! However the surgeon is on extended medical leave (say a prayer he is a great guy). I spoke with a friend who is a family doc. he is going to call a guy he know to see if I can get in to have the INJECTIONS a 3-4 inch needle= being able to walk again and get this goal in my sights! Wow a new guy to meet and let him do the work this takes some courage!

O.K. My friend, who is a family doctor, was able to have his office staff call and get me into a buddy of his. I have an appointment to get the first of three weekly injections into my knee!!!!!!!!!! On Friday!
Panic-scream (silently) as to keep a brave face for my family!
This will set me to be able to walk soon. I hope this makes the difference. I have such a limp from the rebounding effect of pain. I am so hoping this does well for me. I am so blessed to even be able to have these injections they do not come cheep. It appears the insurance may have paid 100% on them I do hope so. Otherwise it will be a hit on the credit card the pharmacy has on file. I'm nervous about it a little. Yes me. I know I must think about the chap stick :)
Man I got bit by something on the bottom of my foot is all swollen "good grief!" Must just be another distraction! ha!

The weather is just now cooling so I will be able to be out doors. God's perfect timing.

This is the begining. I'll go fetch the shots tomorrow to take them to the other ortho doc.

Beloved took the images and made the collage for me. He is very supportive. I really do want my body back. This is a remarkable opportunity to make use of the next 6-9 months of joint support through the "chicken juice" that is what they call it. It sometimes has been even known to cause new cartilage to grow. I have bone on bone right now. I have to do this. I choose too. With the goal met I will then (I trust with less weight ) be able to walk and enjoy activities with my family.


Angie said...

A-hem--(throat clearing)---did you say 3-4 inch needle???
I just fainted! ---------okay, I may be able to finish this....girl, you are one strong cookie! I absolutely cannot handle shots. Call me a baby, call me a wimp....I don't mind. Trust me. It's ok.
I will pray!!!!

Mama Bear June said...

Zoinks! Needle in the knee makes me a little woozy, too! Hope it makes you feel lots better! Welcome to the challenge. :-)
Path to Health

Denise said...

I love you, and I am covering you in prayer.

JUST A MOM said...

BRAVE IN DEED MY DEAR FRIEND,,,,, I will say that those numbers do NOT match yoru body. I ma chearing you on. love ya and I just might be able to join you on Saturday woo hohoooo

Lynn said...


I join weight watchers a few weeks back. Perhaps we can encourage each other. BTW, where do you live?

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